Eye Photography – How to take a PROFESSIONAL Picture of your Iris

In this video I reveal some to get shots of your own iris. After seeing some professional iris images on the web, I had to figure out how those were taken. Unfortunately, there wasn't much information on the web, so I have actually tried several different light setups. Particularly the images with light coming from the side, nearly from behind, provided the very best outcomes.
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24mm 2X Probe Lens:

60mm 2X Macro Lens:


My 2nd Camera:.
24mm Lens:.
200-600mm Lens:.
Laowa Probe Lens:.
Macro Lens:.
Raynox 250:.
Video LED Light:.
Picture Torch:.
Flash NW880S:.
RGB LED Light:.

take a PROFESSIONAL Picture of your Iris

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  1. I’m not sure if you actually ever heard about iridology, those are amazing photos to do the readings! 
    The brown eye is not brown, it is really blue, but it turned brown from loads of sulfur… There are few lines that show the blue underneath the sulfur layers. If that’s a left eye, it shows problems with lungs, bronchi and tonsils that look like they are genetic. Possibly some spine degeneration in it’s upper part and liver too.
    Hope that actually can help 🙂 in some way. I don’t do reading professionally yet, but I am learning about it. Its best to go to iridologist to get an actually correct reading.
    Great photos, blowing my mind 🙂 amazing!

    1. Oh really? I have never thought about that. Actually I was only interested in getting a good photo of the structure of an iris, but didn’t knew that you can get so many information from an eye. Thx for sharing your knowledge;)

    2. Another Perspective of course! I’m helping people to heal from chronic issues and I’ve been into iridology lately, that’s why I cane across your incredible images. You should totally check some local iridologist to offer him your photography work because it’s incredibly powerful!!! I wish I lived near you, but also I do my work online and my clients live far from me. This helps because iris contains a map of our body. Each organ is there to check. And it’s not a woodoo, it’s for real!

    3. That’s really nice of you. Anything wrong with the green eye or does only the brown one show problems? Can you share a link/homepage with us, I would like to read more about that topic:)

  2. Unreal work! Every-time I see this macro shots of one’s iris it makes me want to try and get shots like this on my own. Perfect tutorial!

  3. The tutorial is well made. Seeing the different outcomes depending on setup is really cool. But overall the close ups and the visible structures and volume of the shapes (see 3:00) makes me feel a bit uncomfortable 😀
    That’s why I think #3 is great.

  4. #4 is the nicer for me!
    I’ve already tried to take pictures of iris like yours, but my grea problems are with the light reflxion.
    Do you have some tips for choose the good light and good position?
    Thank you

    1. Hey, make down the curtains to avoid other reflections. If possible the only light source should be a small flash light (smartphon works as well). When i pointed with my flash light from the side, the reflections disappeared completely. Like in the beginning of the video, there are only relfection of the eyelashes which also disappear when you pull your eye lid a little bit

    2. @Another Perspective Thank you very much for the advice, I will find good lights and make new tests. On your pictures we saw the reflexion of the eyelashes, but not in the the final result we saw at 3.11 That magic! 🙂

    3. Oh yeah…:D I blurred those eye lashed a little bit in lightroom… 😉

  5. You just have to love photography. All are nice but 4, then 3 for me. The angle of light is just right in no 4 to help show depth of the muscles. Thx for sharing… Awesome!!!

  6. Like most biology stuffs, seeing the human iris so close up like this is both off putting and fascinating.

    1. Iris close ups are always amazing:) I took a Lot of Iris/eye Images of Geckos, chameleons, lemurs and frogs this week

  7. The results are so clear.
    I think that could work bettee if there are 2 difused lights in 2 different points to get out a more deltailed result.

    1. I will do some more Tests next week. I used just one light, begrüße because There are more Details and shadows when The Iris is close but we will See;) Happy new year

    2. @Another Perspective yeah, you are totally right, 2 spot lights could erase some shadows and miss some depth information, even though I think that the thing most matters is the camera capabilities.
      And have a happy new decade!

  8. I tried doing this on my asian eyes and I think I’ve captured a close up picture of a black hole.

    1. 😂 😂 Lol. I don’t think I’ve ever seen asian eyes i a verry big close-up

    1. Lol why is everyone so mad? I’m sure everyone’s iris looks gross close-up. The human body is gross. Get over it.

  9. I had recently seen an image of an eye very close up and it made me realize how interesting/strange the texture of the iris looks. This video definitely gives you a good view of what I was thinking of.

  10. Very useful video. I have the same camera, but unfortunately no macro lens. Do you think macro rings with kit lens would work?

    1. I think so. Unfortunately I have sold my kitlens so I can’t test it…:D

  11. What I did yesterday was a video closeup with digital zoom, and I saw how beautiful eyes I have, including long and curvy eyelashes. Which got me to take a picture but it turned out not so well. I’ll try some of the tips today and amaze myself again LOL. I’m glad I came across your video

    1. Just uploaded another iris video, mayby thats interesting for you;)

  12. Does anyone know how I can safely expose higher magnifications?

    I want to try my 2.5-5x lens but the lens has to almost touch the subject leaving little room for illumination unless I want to put the sun next to my eye.

    1. Use the torch of your phone e.x. and is it from the side while getting very close with light to the eye

    2. @Another Perspective I’ve tried that but unfortunately my eye requires so much illumination since no natural light can hit it.

      I’ve been using 1/40 shutter speed, f5, and iso 1000 and my images are still dark even shining 2 macro lights from the side of my eye 🙁

  13. Professionals actually make these Irisphotos with Iriscopes 😉 but I like your search and creativity to make a beautiful Iris Photo. I prefer #5 as it gives the best images and most info to read.

  14. I was curious why our Iris moves like that so later look it up and Just learned that the Iris shrink and widen to manipulate and regulate the light that enters our eyes! Our human anatomy is indeed fascinating and beautiful!

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