How To Edit Landscape Photos in Lightroom Mobile

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Are you struggling to catch the breathtaking appeal of landscapes with your iPhone video camera? In this video, we'll show you how to modify landscape images with the power of Mobile.

Follow along as we modify a genuine landscape picture from start to end up, revealing you each step to achieve that spectacular 'after' impact.

What You'll Discover:.
– Dynamic Range: Conquer the obstacle of extreme highlights and shadows to accomplish perfectly balanced direct exposures.
– Color and Warmth: Include a magical touch to your daybreaks and sunsets, making your landscapes come alive with color.
– Information Improvement: Sharpen those fine information and adjust contrast to make every texture pop.
– Light Adjustment: Discover how to replicate sunlight and develop vibrant lighting effects that elevate your images.
– Creative Adjustments: Use regional modifications and gradients to direct the audience's eye and improve the mood of your scenes.

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0:00 – Introduction to Modifying.
0:55 – Modifying Techniques Overview.
1:06 – Direct Exposure and Color Modifications.
3:19 – Information and Light Enhancements.
6:03 – Dynamic Light Effects.
10:00 – Final Enhancements and Realism.
15:21 – Conclusion.

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How To Edit Landscape Photos in

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