How To Get The Best Angles For Epic iPhone Videos

Ever wonder why some videos look better than others? Often, it's all about the angle.

Fantastic is more than simply hitting 'record'. It has to do with finding the best viewpoint, the ideal viewpoint. Angles, while frequently underestimated, can redefine your video's narrative and emotion, draw attention to different points in your video and display the scene in various viewpoints.

In this preview we'll cover important subjects, such as:
1. Eye-Level Angle: Recording the most natural and relatable scenes.
2. Low & High Angles: Creating drama, supremacy, or vulnerability.
3. The Appealing Dutch Angle: Including a component of vibrant and making your scenes stand out.

Unlock the potential of every scene by understanding the language of angles. With the right point of view, your can go from amateur to magnificent.

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How To Get The Best Angles For Epic

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  1. Just purchased the course. Can’t wait to binge it and then watch again whilst practicing. Love from Alaska 🙋🏻‍♀️🏔️💕📲

  2. Great course. Can you give more tips & tricks for horizontal video? You get a more professional look shooting horizontal. Thanks

  3. Talking about angles, why is he talking to someone off camera and not to the viewer?

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