iPhone Photography: How To Capture Perfect Shadows in Photos

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Shadows are often ignored in our every day lives, but they hold a distinct capacity for boosting your . Discover how to identify the most engaging shadow play as we roam through the streets of Riga, turning daily scenes into captivating pictures.

To make shadows come alive in your photos, comprehending exposure is crucial.
In this video we'll walk you through the procedure of adjusting your iPhone's settings to ensure that there's a gorgeous contrast between shadows and highlights.
We'll also share expert ideas on framing your shots to make those captivating shadows the centerpiece of your image.

Street is all about recording the essence of a minute. Shadows, typically undetected by the naked eye, include depth, drama, and a touch of secret to your street shots.

So, get your iPhone ready, and let's add a brand-new measurement to your photography journey!

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: How To Capture Perfect Shadows in Photos

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  1. You’ve taught me so much about my iPhone photography – thank you 🥰

  2. Yeah every time it’s an opportunity ti learn new settings. Great thanks…😊

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