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    1. I guess trying it out is the only option, will take some videos and see

    2. They are right I saw a lot of highlight when HDR is on whereas when HDR is off videos are vibrance perfect and colors are clear. The overall video with HDR looks very highlighted and taken from a non-iphone. I was wonder a week back why my videos are looking bad😅😅

    3. @@sujaysaha4748so you are saying without HDR taking videos has better outcomes??? 😮

    4. @@sujaysaha4748 thank you for your help… you’re awesome and stay blessed

  1. Thanks for this, I was getting bad videos even on sunny days, videos were lacking the punchiness which I usually prefer, had to edit them out. Thanks for the solution😇

  2. The use case for HDR is if you can guarantee it will be played back on an HDR screen and shared by a service that distributes HDR. If you are only ever going to watch your videos on an iPhone or iPad then it’s possibly an option worth considering.

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