12Hrs of Pure Street Photography in NYC

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12Hrs of Pure in NYC

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  1. Goooooooood Morning ☀️ What’s your Go To lens for street?! 🙂
    ▹ 🔥 LR presets pack used: https://pierretlambert.com/presets (let me know which is your favorite preset!)
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  2. Ça promet du lourd cette nouvelle vidéo !
    J’vais passer un bon moment merci Pierre 🙌

  3. NYC est définitivement plus inspirant que Chicago ! On sent aussi le poids du sac à dos pour assurer la stabilisation, belle idée et aussi toujours les top presets pour sauver de la grisaille …

  4. I love your videos, its just that, they take away my fear of going out and inspire me to take photos, congrast for your work Pierre, and ty for sharing it

  5. *_What do you use to record the video and how do you keep it facing ahead of where you’re pointing at?_*

  6. Funny to think i was on Manhattan Bridge 3 weeks ago. Now i need to go back 😁

  7. Hi Pierre, how do you stay safe from robberies and such when you walk around with expensive camera gear. I want to take photos in Chicago, but I’m scared to go out with my a7siii and gm lens.

  8. Top ! La photo de la laverie sans édit est ouf ! Comment faire pour en avoir un print ?

  9. Je vais à NYC en août, je vais m’éclater avec mon Canon, tu donnes grave envie 😍

  10. Do you download your preset once you buy them or does the program come ina a box?

  11. I loved your ad appearance for the sony Xperia IV, I have ordered mine because of what you showed us

    1. @Pierre T. Lambert I agree, you are the reason why i brought that phone as i love what you told us about it, you did really well in that video, if it wasnt for you, i wouldnt of brought it, thank you so much, one day i wil buy your presets too as your an amazing photographer as well

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