5 Mistakes PRO Photographers See All The Time

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5 Mistakes PRO Photographers See All The Time

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  1. Nice video. Really liked it. But one thing…. whats the name of that chair??? It looks comfortable as hell!!! I need it😅!

  2. Great video guys and so so true we’ve all made these mistakes especially when rushing to get the shot 😅

  3. Thanks for the nice inside. The video you mentioned for the aperture settings (#5), which one is it? 🙂

    1. mmmm I can’t find the link anymore. I found the French version only… maybe I’ll have to do a new one!

  4. Love these tips. I recently went to the Steve McCurry exhibit with the audio tour from him, and left disappointed. There wasn’t really any context to be found in his images nor in his description. The audio was a bit of a waste of time. I love the portraits he did, but I felt like I wanted to see more of the space or at least hear more about it.

    I think the Nat Geo suggestion of f8 is great. I typically shoot my Ricoh GRIII at f4 – 6.3 to try and capture more context as I work a scene for the optimum perspective. Not my perspective, because I don’t use an EVF, but more like an ideal angle, which usually means putting the camera in some awkward place. 😂

    1. thanks for sharing! Yeah must be a bit disappointing not to hear more at the exhibit!

  5. Goooood Morning! Which one do you need to improve on?
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  6. When are you going to offer your next class?? I’d love to take it

  7. I’ve made all these mistakes and more! 😅. Glad to say I’m correcting most of them and my photography is improving 💪🏼:

  8. Hi Pierre, Thanks for having Jerome as a guest he had some really great example mistakes new photographers make. The first mistake i used to do was the opposite, shooting small numbers in every scenario and my photos were very underexposed. Very nice background their in Utah, Thanks for this video. 😃

  9. “How did you see that, we were all in the same place” when talking about noticing the details… I think this is because many people have neurological differences to some degree; information is processed differently, things are focused on differently, seen in different spectrums. Life differences and experiences, different points of view. Otherwise how boring and monotonous would it be if everyone saw exactly the same thing in the same way at the same time.

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