5 Photography MISTAKES I see all the time

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00:00 Why errors can be good.
01:20 Error 1 & fix.
02:43 Mistake 2 & repair.
04:58 Error 3 & repair.
06:40 Error 4 & repair.
08:18 Error 5 The most common and their repair.

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5 I see all the time

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  1. What your Biggest Mistake?! Can you relate to any? 🙂
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  2. Hi, Pierre. Can you do a short video about how to protect our camera from cold weather shooting and back to warm home.

  3. Hi again, always waiting for your upload videos and pics in ig. Every episode of your video will help me in improving my skills in photography, this episode is one of it. Thankyou for tips 🤗😉

  4. My mistakes
    – doubting myself too often, thinking TOO much before taking a photo
    – buying gear but not going out and actually use it as often as I could

    1. Never doubt yourself if you do that and overthink you will either miss or exhaust yourself. Being confident will help you want to do it more and more. If you love your job you will perform better but if you hate your job you will either quit or just not give a crap. I think what hurts some people trying to learn and no I am not pro but is trying to do exactly the same thing he or she has done from watching POVs. For example, if you go to Chicago and yes Mr.Lambert has plenty of video footage from there you will try to take those same images he did but you can’t copy what he did because you may not get the exact same look. Because you may only have the 70-200 and the shot you liked he did was with the 85 prime. Now changing angles/using your surrounding could really help improve! Now if it rains/shooting at night will be a banger! Reflections, Black wet cars that are being lit up by skyscrapers great for long exposure car light trails…

  5. I learned the hard way about forgetting the SD cards at home lol. And I didn’t even think about over shooting with the ND filter on, I’ll have to do some comparison shots to see the best settings for it. I’ve been wanting to use props to shoot with like glass, balls etc for different effects but never thought about something as simple as just taking off my filter or even the lense to grt different effects.
    But my biggest mistake is not thinking enough about my shots, composition wise.

    1. Forgot the card today. Missed out on some epic storm clouds over a open field with tall grass . Smh

  6. Hi pierre i am a big fan of you can you do a challenge using an old sony cameras for street photography i think it’s gonna be fun because you will be depending on your skill a lot 😅

  7. hey I love seeing another photographer that shoots around Chicago so often! you’ve inspired me to get out in Chicago and look for new stuff I don’t see too often

  8. we love you Pierre, your an amazing vlogger and photographer, as i said in your last video, you are the one who inspired me to buy the sony xperia IV phone, your amazing at what you do

  9. Always love your videos man, I’ve learnt a lot just by watching you, whenever I go out to shoot street photography. I’d always be like “How would Pierre take this” much love man, and I hope you keep up the good work <3

  10. UV filters have saved my lens fire photography is very hard on equipment

  11. As a mobile photographer I have a tips for you guys
    My tips:
    – just be ready to taking a photo
    – just visualize your photo “after” in Lr
    – be confident and not think what ppl say
    – make sure twice before you share a pic
    – first skill, second camera
    – take a photo from different perspectives
    – be patient, time will show you effect
    – you have camera, you’re photographer
    – one photo can’t be perfect
    – check photos of other photographers
    – get to know other photographers
    – you can’t be perfect, humility
    – be in chaos and take a photo of people
    – be focus while you’re taking a pic

  12. Could you do a Video on what subjects give you the inspiration to take a picture of in street photography, like what do you want to take a photo of and what you dont want to take a photo of?

  13. I’d put a UV filter over the lens over having it unprotected especially if the glass is expensive and one is not looking to spend hundreds, if not thousands to repair lenses specifically non-pros or non-commissioned work. $50 fix is better than $500. 🙏🏻☠️ Small ghosting or flare or reflection is not going to ruin your shot, unless you are in safe environments where you are static like a studio shoot or food photography work etc.

  14. Hello Pierre,
    Do you think The Fuji X-T2 & X-Pro2, plus the X-H1 are all good enough for just starting out doing some semi professional work in many different areas of Photography? I love that 3rd sensor @ 24.3 megapixels… Plus I want all my Fuji Camera bodies made in JAPAN!!! Thanks for your time and energies, Great work as always…

  15. I don’t use a UV filter, but I do make a point of buying and using a Canon protect filter when I buy a new lens, always have, this past 30 years.

  16. I would say my greatest mistake is to be afraid to take photos or thinking too much about how I might look stupid to others while taking pictures. It’s so stupid but hard to get over and I think it’ll only get better by just taking pictures

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