Asking 100 Strangers For Photos – How Many Said Yes?

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Asking 100 Strangers For Photos – How Many Said Yes?

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  1. Is it just me or i always feels awkward watching people asking others for photo hahaha. But still great content. keep it up

    1. Not just you man lol. That’s was uncomfortable to watch but only because I find it uncomfortable to do lol

  2. Très chouette expérience, ton approche avec un compliment aide beaucoup!
    Merci pour le tips
    Et ça m’aide à travailler mon anglais 👌🏾

  3. Whenever Pierre wins, it feels so Good. My man, have a bad luck with these challenges. Great video, love the energy.

  4. People can’t resist uplifting and happy energy 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be doing this concept in the summer

  5. the guy thats not taking pictures should hand out cards to them, some of these are dope and good, and i could make someones day better

  6. love theses videos. gives me the motivation to be more talkative while im out taking street photos in my small town

  7. Respect for your confidence.
    Amazing Video.

    One thing that makes me wonder in a lot of those videos I’ve seen on YouTube is:
    how comes that most “yes sayers” are men or “a bit older woman”?

    It is just me or it is a fact that younger woman (I am mean aged 18 to 30) mostly decline when street photographers ask for a photo while at the same time those woman are “Generation TikTok/Instagram” and will upload lots of photos of themselves and their meals etc….

  8. I did this in Vancouver and got about a 15% “Yes” rate, with about a 20% aggressive “your invading my rights” rate as well.

    1. I would be curious how different it is having multiple people as well as a videographer where it seems more “professional”

  9. I needed this motivational video lol sooooo fun. Just wish I could get others to go out and shoot with me

  10. The engagement with people outdoors makes those emotions show within the pictures. I personally think it’s a great idea, you never know who you might capture and more than likely they will remember that interaction. Good content.

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