Canon R8 Review On The Field – The Perfect Camera?

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00:00 and lens utilized.
01:04 How it feels in hand.
02:08 cool touch pad function.
02:40 weight?
03:24 Autofocus Canon R8.
04:54 meh shutter sound & flip screen.
05:37 more AF tests.
06:18 stabilization Canon R8:-LRB-.
07:08 subject detection.
07:34 bokeh with kit lens 24-50mm.
07:53 how to enhance the video camera.
08:20 high ISO with kit lens.
08:56 shutter sound actually strange.
09:24 subject priority?
09:57 street portrait with Canon R8.
11:04 Canon R8 final impressions.
12:03 R6 II.

On The Field – The Perfect Camera?

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    1. Haha we know. Jokes aside I’d mention it if I ever was paid for these like I do with sponsored videos ❤️

  1. Absolutely beautiful photo work as usual Pierre.
    Really loving how the R7 and R8 have been performing in the past few weeks and months. Definitely going to get it as another back up for my students in the future.

    That 50 1.8 looks supercool and now I want to know where thst skin came from… If it is a skin👀👀👀

  2. It may not be the perfect camera…but it’ll get a lot more firmware support and added features in the future, unlike the Sony Alpha 1….

    1. @Pierre T. Lambert I still believe they are intentionally throttling the A1 by withholding Focus Breathing Compensation & Animal Eye AF for video and other features….why should they deliver that update to A1 owners when there is no R1 from Canon to purchase… as long as Canon refuses to release their R1 & 35mm F1.2 RF, Sony will refuse to release any updates for A1 users.

  3. Pierre comes with canon? Or will canon come separately? Asking for a friend!🤣

  4. r7 for me, until r6 mk2 price drops or maybe canon release another full frame body.

    1. It’s a « GDU » model 🙂 built for cinema cameras using RF basically

  5. YES! As an insecure person I feel very happy when a person on youtube uses same brand of consumer electronics as myself. It makes me feel validated. Please tell me you are using shoes from Adidas? I just bought some.

    1. Haha yes the ultra boost from Addidas! I thinks 2020 model but all have been great to my feet and last looooong compared to Nike!

    2. @Pierre T. Lambert I couldn’t agree more! Those Nike users are just the worst. It is like they don’t even know that Adidas is THE BEST!

      I can’t wait until the next model drops. I will run out and buy it IMMEDIATELY. Maybe even buy a custom shoe box so everybody can see I am not a noob!

  6. I take photos for fun and got the R8 a few days ago upgrading from my T7. I am really happy with it.

  7. Hi , just asking😅 what is the thing hanging from the camera like a red button

  8. Haha you learn something new everyday even pierre learnt something new about the touch focus on Sony 😂😂

  9. You are with a Canon Camera , this is sign of world war 3 😅

    edited – Just happened to see , previous 3 back to back videos are Canon Videos as well🙄 what’s happening 🤭

  10. I hope canon comes out with an rf of that 40mm 2.8 pancake we had on the EF mount. That would be so sweet with the R8

  11. The shutter sound is pretty much the same as the RP.
    The shutter of the first R6 sound better and more confident than the RP

  12. Maybe you didn’t realise but the finger tracking on the screen while looking at the viewfinder is also on the R6 .

    1. I found the joystick better as I sometimes activate it with my nose, … maybe it is too big 😂

  13. I got my r8 roughly a week ago and so far I love it, when running it with the 50 1.8 from cannon it is such a small super capable package

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