CANON Vs. SONY Camera In 2023 – Which one is Better?

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00:00 Intro to this comparison.
01:10 How I have actually utilized both brands.
01:55 Print your pictures with a discount rate through Whitewall.
02:48 Print suggestions for your images.
03:28 Part 1 Ergonomics Feel & Style.
04:19 Camera body feel in hand.
05:15 Lenses Design – why Sony wins.
06:46 The Horrible thing with Canon RF for Lenses.
08:23 Buttons on electronic camera body.
09:08 Connection.
10:17 Batteries – Why one wins over.
11:54 Resilience of the Video camera body.
12:35 Weathersealing.
13:57 Monitor & Viewfinder.
17:48 AF Visualisation.
18:33 Color Science.
20:22 The Secret to Select.

CANON Vs. SONY Camera In 2023 – Which one is Better?

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  1. I use Canon at work for GCSE and A Level photography as students can easily change settings and understand what happens. At how I now only use Sony (was Fuji all the way until my daughter got the A6400) and love how quick the focus is and how much you can individualise the camera. I enjoy the Sony system and now have the RX100iii and A7C. Love your work and thank you for your well thought out content (I share lots of your work with my classes during the academic year). From Rural Lincolnshire UK

  2. Iam 17 and i cannot afford a camera
    I just feel awesome watching tis channel
    BUT i will become a pro film maker in future

  3. The best camera is the one you have in your hands. 🙂 We live in a time where any of the major brands produce stellar equipment. I’ve shot Canon, Nikon, and I’m on Sony now. All three have been great and all three have had minor issues. It comes down to your shooting style and needs IMO. Of the three brands I still love the color of Nikon over Canon/Sony. That being said, some post work does the trick. Ergonomics, Canon or Nikon over Sony for me. The A1 is almost there but not nearly as comfortable as a Nikon/Canon. When it comes to tracking/speed/image capture… the A1 has been stellar and leaps and bounds over the previous brands/models I’ve owned.

    Nice video… I agree with many of your points. Keep up the great work. 🙂

  4. Hey Pierre! I love your content, I watch it and the first time I got into photography it was because I got inspired by you bro! Its like I felt that photography makes other people feel and have different taste in the beauty of the world that we live in, so I actually just want to get some tips from you, I am actually learning alot of multi-media now and I think I’ve almost ruled all of the basics of photography in such a young age, but one problem I have not solved yet is my handling, As you may know I am 13 years old currently and I have not been used to carry heavy things and I’ve always felt nervous doing photography and that is what ruined my performance in terms of handling, so can you maybe like give me some advice to have any better performance in my photography? Thanks

  5. Thank you pierre for this helpful information, Actually I shoot with Canon, But if I want to choose between Canon & Sony, I say sony😅
    Because it’s amazing for everything, everywhere, with everyone; it’s like a magic 😂❤

  6. Hey Pierre, Thank you for once again a great video. In your opinion Do you think its good to upgrade my a7iii to double a7iv for wedding fotography or just get the a7rV and use the a7iii as my secondary camera?

  7. I shoot on the sony a7iv. I hate that sony have been screwing around with firmware and updates outside of thay sony is fine i wish they had a true pancake lens. Canon to me has a bigger issue, lack of aftermarket lenses and no small camera bodies. I like small bodies. 😊

  8. I’ll stick with fuji apsc and medium format. If I had to go with one of these though, Im going canon. Lenses more expensive but overall I think the canon mirrorless systems just look so good

  9. It’s Nikon for me! After using so many brands, I love my Z6 and it’s by far the most fun to shoot with since it has the deep grip. It makes me actually want to go out and shoot which makes such a difference

  10. Doesn’t really matter nowadays. I went with Sony because of the lens choices but camera bodies now are all really good!

  11. The MEIKE ef-rf / drop in filter adapter is a game changer! I can use all my ef glasses with the SAME set of filters on canon R bodies! Black mist/VND/CPL all of one size🎉

  12. Since the launch of A7iii in 2018 and the introduction of third-party zoom lenses like Tamron 28-75, Sony has gradually become a reliable brand for working professionals in both stills and video. However, it has also become less fun to use (e.g. mediocre screen, handling, IBIS), less value-friendly (e.g. a7IV compared to a7III, expensive flagship A1 without many firmware updates), and less well-rounded (more and more product lines).

  13. Goooood Morning! Argh tough debate! Would love to hear your thoughts 🙂
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    PS. Note at 00:36 made an edit mistake, this was taken with the built in b&w strong contrast profile not edited with the presets see around 09:00 again when I take the photo. I did however redit some raw into B&W too.

  14. When I first tried out the cameras, I found that Sony was much more difficult operate both buttons and menu. With the Canon it was instant, within a few minutes I was ready to shoot.

  15. I’ve used Nikon and Canon for years and now I am in Sony camp. Sad to say but there is no more camera wars. In mirrorless world Sony is years ahead generally as system.
    Smaller and lighter lenses, beautiful color rendition and DR, sensor tech, third party lens, best video codec, best camera body customization in the market… It is game over.

  16. Just for the lenses alone Canon is out of the question.
    I do enjoy Fujifilm and Panasonic more than Sony, though.

  17. IMHO, it really doesn’t matter. Use what you have. That being said, I have never shot Canon or Nikon mirrorless. I started on Fuji and now shot Sony exclusively. I find pros & cons of Sony, but also all other systems too. I do feel Sony offers greater options and a more flexibility ecosystem. I think all the other mirrorless camera cos. should thank Sony for expanding to technology and leading the way to others who might want to adopt a new system.

  18. Nice Video, thank you! I am a big fan of the sony feeling, my sony alpha 7c with my 3 tamron Lenses is the best and cheapest combination!!

  19. I’m a new-ish photographer and love my R6 for portraits, sports, or wildlife. Where it fails, for me, is the subject detection. When using servo AF with tracking it is always trying to hunt for subjects and won’t let the focus box “stick” on whatever I initially focused on (if it isn’t one of the recognized subjects). This means that I’m always having to switch to a single focus point without tracking, resulting in lost shots and more time spent composing.

    This is infuriating to the point of making me want to switch. Other brands do better (OM System, Fuji), and I’m curious to try Sony to see if the tracking works like I’d like it to.

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