Crazy 34 Years Old Everyday Camera Test

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FAILING on this Camera

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    1. Yeah I don’t think this auto point and shoot is the camera for him. More control I think he needs.

  1. Hey Pierre Hope You Are Well. Love Your Videos And I Hope You Enjoy My Countries Capital City And Nepal Overall 😊. Cheers 🥂😊

  2. Awesome! Any point and shoot i’ve used like that focuses when half pressing and exposes at whatever you’re pointing it at. There is sometimes a ‘back lit’ setting, where can over expose.
    Flash will likely come on in shadows with ISO 100 film, i’d have probably used a 200 or 400 speed film, but then can expect narrower aperture and also would be sharp but less depth of field.
    They are difficult to frame, that offset viewfinder and parralax but I think you did great! 🤓👍
    Film holds more detail slightly over exposed (one stop), so the cameras will lean more toward over exposed than under like we do with digital.

  3. What a coincidence! I have found one of my old film camera Kodak 35AF1 now I must do the same.

  4. The Olympus AF-10 Super had a flash switch under the lens with “auto”, “off” and “fill-in” positions. I don’t believe that you can control the flash on the AF-10 that you have.

  5. I found same kinda camera in my moms cupboard, cant wait to try it
    Edit: seems fun shooting with an old camera that your parents used too 😅

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