Creative Studio Portrait Lighting with the Rotolight AEOS II

The Rotolight AEOS II unites flash and constant light with all the colors you might possibly think about. It's manageable through your phone and powered by a battery, making it the supreme on-location imaginative tool. In this video, Pye walks through an innovative studio picture session and speak about the extraordinary functions that the Rotolight AEOS II needs to use.

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Video Timestamps:
Intro: 0:00 – 1:41
Composition: 1:42 – 2:22
Ambient Light: 2:23 – 2:52
Modify/Add Light: 2:53 – 9:15
Pose/Photograph: 9:16 – 9:36
Outro: 9:37 – 10:14

Rotolight AEOS 2:

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  1. First

    Aside from now.. I’ve only seen one other person use these Rotolights for shoot on YouTube.
    I’d rather stick to my squared RGB lights than these round ones.. feel it would be easier to control the lighting with the barn doors.

    1. Do your square lights also do flash? Who is the manufacturer? I would presume accessories for square is more cost efficient. Since these are premium lights and will definitely lighten the billfold considerably you are not seeing every one with them.

    2. @j lopez Who’s using LEDs as flash?? Feel it’s a gimmick.. having the led lights push out a spike of light to mimic a flash. No chance I’ll be using these in shoots.

  2. Question, why ISO 800 on the R5? I would’ve used ISO 100 thanks for the explanation.

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