Don’t Do This With A 400mm…

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Don't Do This With A 400mm…

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  1. The only one thing I try is taking boudoir photos with my woman. Good day brother.. still waiting for night pov! 😜

  2. I watched the long video which this video is part of and I’ve been wanting to recreate this;taking photos on a camera while riding a bike.

  3. Balance with camera gear on a bike I can relate , I just got back into bicycling a few weeks ago and I just tried bringing my camera gear with me while riding my bike, my backpack its about 12 lbs or 6kg depending on what I’m bringing, but I found out I have to ] mount the bike differently normally I just put my foot on the left pedal and push off and then put my right leg over the saddle and ride off, can’t do that with the camera bag, 😆 Almost fell over I have to do a different method.

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