Honest Thoughts on the HYPED Fuji X100 V from Two PRO Photographers

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Honest Thoughts on the HYPED V from Two PRO Photographers

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  1. I picked up the Canon M6 Mark II just recently and I’m really loving the compact run around interchangeable lens options it has.

    The optional EVF and decent video and focus system. 32.5 MP sensor does wonders.

  2. I love my Fujifilm X100V, only problem is no IBIS and I shake so badly due to Essential Tremor. 😩

  3. i tried the original X100
    i liked it, but i missed the possibility to swap Lenses
    so my go to Cam for everyday carry would be the X-E4 with the 27mm F2.8 Lense
    tried this too and loved it
    + i can swap Lenses if i want to

  4. The hype is real!!! Like trying to buy tickets for a U2 concert in the Sphere in Las Vegas from Ticketmaster.

  5. I owned the x100 and upgraded to the x100v whilst image quality is great after a few weeks i started disliking shooting with the camera: integrated shutter and iso button really hate it. Battery life is so-so and loads of focus issues. Instead i bought a Fuji XT30ii and now use the Ricoh GRIiix for everyday photography. Both these cameras really deliver for me. Most people often overlook the shooting experience. Which is the most important part of photography

  6. I use the Fuji X-Pro2 With an Sigma 30mm instead of the x100v and this costs me the half price and I think I get the same great filmemulations

  7. In terms of JPEG workflow, comparing photos side by side shot on my a7IV (SH colour profile) and XT5 (classic chrome), I like the colours coming out of the Sony a lot more, and Sony’s JPEG also seem to be easier to edit with iPhone’s default app.

  8. I have my RX1R and RX100 exactly for that reason, I do plan to get an xperia V for even smaller package in the future.

  9. In the age of instagram reels, tik tok, youtube, AI, photographers really dont get enough appreciation. This camera is for the under appreciated.

  10. Ricoh GR II is an APS-C camera that fits in your pocket with your phone and keys. If you can live without a viewfinder (actually quite liberating in my opinion), it’s equal to the X100V at less than half the price. The X100V isn’t small enough to fit in a pocket and bring everywhere, so that kind of defeats the purpose of having a slim form factor.

  11. I’ve owned sony apsc and full frame, but got the x100v a few years ago. I’m not a professional, but the x100v just made me want to take pictures. And as a result, it’s put me in situations where I wouldn’t have been.

    I sold my sony gear to go all in on Fujifilm (xpro 3, primes and the 16-55 2.8) but even so — there’s something special about the x100v.

    Is it overpriced? I don’t know. It’s expensive but I don’t know I can say this camera isn’t worth the price tag. It’s overhyped, but it pulls its weight for what it does.

  12. I loved compact digital cameras as a child. I was addicted to them, growing up. Now, as an adult, I can’t stick to just one. Fujifilm X100V (F and S, previously), X-Pro2, X-E2 (E1, previously), Lumix GX85, GX7, GM5, Ricoh GRIII. In addition to those bodies, two of those systems have lenses I just love shooting with.

    I’m kind of the same way with phones. iPhones, Galaxies, Xiaomis and Xperias are the phones I get each year. I got that GAS.

  13. Amazing video. I have been thinking about buying this cam but then I thought why wouldn’t I buy a Sony a7C with a 24mm f2.5 G lens… light compact and I always have an option to get a new lens if needed. If 35 mm lens was morethan enough I don’t think Fuji wouldn’t have introduced a 50mm tele Converter for this cam.

  14. I have the x100f and don’t feel the need to upgrade. Instead I buy the ricoh gr iii and i am really satisfied. I enjoy a lot the positive film simulation.

    I also have the xf10 even slimmer than x100 series. And I love it.

    This camera and this system is for casual photography, and no post processing. You just enjoy the thing and publish strait away.

  15. Love the V – it’s the camera that’s in my bag all the time. Same reasons – easy to carry, love the ND filter and the pics that come out. Very similar to the XE2 I have, which I could argue has even better colours (older sensor). A XE4 with the 18 or 27 pancake will be a great alternative if you can’t afford/find the V.

  16. This is a great little camera but for me I bought an XE-3 and 27mm f/2.8 lens and I am so happy with it. The experience is similar at a fraction of the cost and interchangeable lenses but is still pocketable. I don’t even know if you can find the XE-3 these days but if you can it’s a great little camera.

  17. I own a x100f and I love it! No need to upgrade to the x100v. I really hope that Fujifilm recreate a tx1/xpan for digital. A half GX sensor in a x-pro body, with a fixed lens, a 30mm-ish lens… I keep on dreaming…

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