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How To Make Real MONEY With Your !

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  1. OMG it actually works i put the coins in my camera and I made tons of money!!

  2. Great tips, thanks! Any advise on a print selling site/platform that take care of the printing and shipping process ?

    1. Haha not lazy just more efficient with time. 😉 they are a base not an end

  3. I’d love to try printing, but that initial cost investment on the printer puts me off. What’s your thoughts on drop shipping and have you ever tried it?

  4. I would love to do some of these things but I’m a kid and don’t have much experience

  5. Question… where do you print your photos? I live in Puerto Rico and there are no local photography printers.

    Yeah, we do have, Walgreens, office depot, etc… but they are not the best.

    I’m looking for a place that can print big prints, canvas, etc.

    Any suggestions?

    By the way amazing content ✨ you always helping us to make money or content with our camera.

  6. Can you do street photography with Sony ZV-E10 please, i’m a beginner i need some reference from a profesional.

  7. Dude thanks for uploading this one literally this will helps for me ♥️🤗

  8. Great video, Pierre. Regarding the bonus tip that you shared, do you need to have a website up yet so people can buy it from there?

  9. NFTS are bad for the enviornment!! Please dont do NFTs!!! They are really bad, it destroys are planet 😢

  10. I love that video! I’m willing to become a pro one day and I couldn’t figure out how to make a dime, and that was annoying. thanks a lot Pierre! <3

  11. To be honest, it’s not that easy in my opinion. I’d say I take decent photos now after 3-4 years with my camera and I’m yet to sell a single print or stock picture, even though I uploaded them on multiple sites. NFTs are also dying already. And if you’re a beginner, even if your’re good or very good, nobody is going to pay much for portraits either. In the end it’s just a picture and everyone can take a more or less similar picture with their phones mostly. The only money I made so far was due to a wedding planner recommending me for wedding shoots and without that planner I probably wouldn’t have a single job so far, even though I have a website, insta, businesscards, fully filled google/maps profile with sample pictures, prices, logo, everything included, even easy online bookings. Without a decent following you’re not going anywhere these days, only if you have time to grind 24/7 which isn’t my case due to my fulltime job, or if you’re really lucky.

  12. Awesome video. Thanks for putting all this information together for all to benefit.

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