How To Take Better Baby Pictures

In this '' video professional photographer Michael Kormos demonstrates catch fantastic pictures using a DSLR, window light, a few easy props, together with a tips on how to position the child for the best possible outcomes.

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How To Take Better Pictures

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  1. Thanks for the tips Michael. Curious what camera hand strap you are using?

  2. Who Dislikes such a beautiful informative Video ! there will always be one of those who prefer to look for dirt in a snow storm !

  3. Very helpful video! I’m grateful to you both…. amazing work you’re doing there, i love the light and the sense you give to your photos! Thank you for sharing tips !!!!

  4. Great tips and very simple video. Well done. Confidence is the key. Show it and have it and everyone is better off. 🙂

  5. Love it ! I just myself a new camera Nikon D3000 gonna have lots of fun with 3 month old baby girl 😉

  6. This is so helpful! I’m a teenager working on starting a photography business, and I have my first baby photo shoot today of a good friend’s 3 month old baby boy. Thanks for the tips! I’m so excited!!

  7. Stunning photos I have always wanted to be a photographer and take photos of baby’s and toddlers

  8. I love that you’re in Manhattan, which is close to us, and second you have motivated I’ve been taking pics of my daughter since she was born, and have thousands of pics, we also got her into modeling and acting years later. She also enjoys playing the piano, gymnastics, and competes nationally in Tae Kwon Doe, so she’s one busy kid, and I’m one busy mommy, but I love everyone
    I love your videos keep up the great work guys, and keep inspiring us to make more for you guys as well. 💖 spread love

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