how to take + edit instagram worthy pictures! how to pose & look confident for beginners 🌸

how to take instagram worthy photos + HOW I MODIFY MY PICTURES & STORIES.
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time stamps:
00:00 how to discover your visual
00:52 how i get ready for photoshoots
1:37 how to prepare your attire
3:11 place + pose ideas
10:25 how i take + edit IG stories
11:37 how i edit my IG photos

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how to take + edit instagram worthy pictures! how to pose & look confident for beginners 🌸

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  1. I haven’t taken an ig pic in over 6 months just cuz I haven’t been feeling cute 😭 imma use these tips to be an ig baddie 👀

  2. Her style is elite. She’s the type you’d never forget if you saw her on the street 😭

    1. •Darlene Janine• you have so many more subscribers now congratulations!!! <3

    1. Ikkkkk but her subs keep going up so I’m betting at the end of the year shes going to AT LEAST 500k and if not that 1 mil 😌

    2. @Fernanda Ramirez oh my goossshsh you liked my comment !! 🥺🥺❤️

  3. Thank you Fernanda for sharing all the secrets about everything we need to know💘 you’re the best!

    1. That’s why take pictures of yourself and get a room where you’re alone!

    2. Samee I’m getting a tripod and doing self timed photos bc I just can’t have someone else take my photos lol, but even doing it myself seems awkward

  4. “look how cool is this”
    “take some more yoo”
    fernanda and jacob are literally my favorite couple 😣

  5. I love how Fernanda is so open and try’s to help us be productive or the best of ourselves! It really inspires me, and I want to do the same💖

  6. All the effort,editing and planning that went into this video is amazing!! 🙌🏼 I take my hat off for you girl.

    1. Exactly… and I personally think you can change it from post to another you’ll rock every aesthetic

  7. I always feel like I look so ugly when I take pics and I always end up not posting anything but this motivated me to take some pics and they actually turned out super nice!!

  8. this video was executed SO WELL! the detail she and planning she put into it was amazing!😍

  9. My sister is a photographer so I always have her take my photos and honestly when i asked her about tips to take better photos she sent me your video, youre so right about bringing someone thats not gonna make fun of you bc that makes a big difference. If the person taking your photos doesnt wanna do it or keeps laughing at you your photos are gonna turn out bad bc you wont feel excited for them anymore.

  10. this girl promoted her friend’s yesstyle promo code when she has one herself. I just gained like +1000 respect points for her 🙂

  11. 00:01 choose aesthetic
    00:53 get ready
    1:37 choose an outfit
    3:11 plan location+pose ideas
    4:17 take photos with me
    10:25 how to take photos
    11:38 edit photos

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