How to Take Good Pictures with ANY Camera

is * not * all about the . Things like balance, simplicity, and feeling are way more important if you wish to begin taking excellent images with any video !

This video covers a ton of standard ideas for creative and how to take much better pictures. Chapters:

0:35 Balance & Imbalance
4:40 Simplicity
6:30 Visualization
9:38 Case Research studies

I went back to examine what electronic cameras I utilized for the photos in this video. Turns out I utilized six:

– Apple iPhone 5
– Canon PowerShot S95
– Nikon D5100
– Nikon D3500
– Nikon D7000
– Nikon D800e

The first 5 cameras on the list above cost less than $400 used, and the last one (Nikon D800e) costs about $900 used.

Granted, these are great cameras (well, not the iPhone 5 or the Canon point-and-shoot). However even the D800e costs nowhere near the $3000+ equipment that some individuals say you "need" for professional photography.

The truth is, you can take good images with any cam.

~ Spencer.


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  1. Outstanding video in the midst of distracting gear reviews by so called photo pundits. Nice one looking forward for more videos like this

    1. Perfectly articulated. One of the most important videos I’ve seen now that I understand how to work my camera. The creative part is the hardest part by far and I appreciate you helping me along.

  2. I’m following PL for many years now and think that both Nasim and you do a fantastic job. Like the site your simple but profound way of explaining things, definitely has a place on YouTube. Thanks for sharing and a very good 2020.

    1. Thanks Natalia! Planning to do one each Friday, publishing at 2pm ET, so keep an eye out.

  3. Thank You man for this excellent video. I’m a beginner in a photography (I’m doing it because I love it, not to make money) and this kind of advices I love to hear. I’m going to apply them the next time I’m with my camera πŸ™‚ P.S. I liked the third photo of the ice, not the fifth πŸ™‚ And yes, I’m going to share this video with my friends

    1. Happy to hear you liked it, Marko! You’re not the only one who’s told me they like the third photo better. And that’s probably something I should have mentioned in this video: Even in the best case, where you do everything right, photography has some element of subjectivity. Some of my favorite photos from five years ago aren’t in my portfolio today, and some I overlooked back then are now among my favorites. I still prefer photo #5 but can definitely see why you’d favor #3.

  4. Excellent and crystal clear discussion of the most important aspect of every image, content! I’ve listened to a lot of phot of photographers wrestle with this topic and I’d have to say this young fellow did the best job!

    1. Much appreciated, Boatman! Agreed, photography is all about the content – sometimes hard to keep in mind when we’re being bombarded with gear articles every day.

  5. I like the way he talks. Simple & calm, just like a good photo.

  6. Tons of thanks for a wonderful and easy explanation of all the basic ingreadients of any image you want to shoot.Be it a macro or landscapes.Love to watch some more videos like thrse.

  7. Loved this one. Calm, composed and well explained. Looking forward for more videos in this series.

  8. Wonderful and soothing video…unlike many other nowadays…looking forward to the weekly series from now on.. keep up the good work πŸ‘πŸ‘

  9. just subscribed. there should be more people watching your videos. practical, informative and good advice. keep them coming πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  10. Thank You Spencer for your very informative videos. Good job. Hope you won’t stop it πŸ˜‰ Really good photography website.

  11. You sir are doing a great job teaching us the fundamentals of photography. Thank you for your kind help, I will be tuning in to ALL of your videos..

    1. Thank you, Dr Shissler! I’m glad you’re enjoying the videos so far.

  12. As a photographer since 2013. I feel more expensive cameras will take better photos. You need skill to take great photos. You can get good images with a cheap camera. After I bough the d3 on ebay I love it. It the best camera I ever used.

  13. Young Man, you are brilliant in your knowledge and its transmission … I am 62 years old I watch a lot of instructional films about photography .. You are the best at this .. Regards from Poland

  14. Thank you Spencer, I always learn something when I watch your videos. Keep it up sir!

  15. Hello! I have just gotten into photography all of a sudden, and your videos REALLY help me find where to start. Thanks!

  16. Great information! I use 90% 35mm film and film makes you slow down, think, compose with feeling etc and gives a great shot almost every time. Why take 300 digital shots, go home spend two hours selecting the perfect shot when you can just take that one perfect shot with film… That will last over 100 years πŸ™‚

    1. That’s definitely true. I think most digital photographers would benefit sometimes from taking it slower and embracing a film mindset.

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