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  1. Your videos always make me happy! It’s like I have a randevou here on your channel,so I am able to see you and get your super positive vibes! I love your aesthetics,your authenticity as a person and I always get inspired by you in every aspect! Much love and light girl! <3 #giveaway

  2. Been a subscriber for several years now, I just adore your whole aesthetic – it’s so stunninggg and so are you! So I appreciate this vid a lot and you bet I’m going to be trying these tips for my own instagram page! I’ve entered and would be incredibly grateful to win this giveaway and give this product a try!! Much love x

  3. great tips! and you are so right about accesories, it is something that we should always have in mind! 🙂

  4. Entered. No one know how to take good pics of me. I have an idea in my mind but whoever takes the photo doesn’t know my angles

    1. I felt the same but my best friend takes all my pics and I take all hers. Just get someone who knows what you want

  5. I would loooove to see a video on how you edit your IG photos!
    But this video was really helpful and you’re such a beautiful soul!❤️

  6. Entered…have been following you forever ❤️ youtube wouldn’t be the same without you

  7. I’m definitely going to use your tips!!! your so great at explaining, ps ive entered the giveaway xxxx

  8. I’ve been waiting for this video for so long and now it’s here! 😍
    I have already written what I think of you too often on Instagram, but I will repeat it again, you are inspirational.❣️
    I don’t know if people repeat it to you too many times or a few times, but your community, friends and family know that. I commented to emphasize it. Stay like that, stronger.💘

  9. you’re such a beautiful, calming person. Never getting tired of listening to you because you have such a gentle voice and you’re so pure. Keep doing your work as it inspires others and yourself. You’ve made a big improvement since you’ve started with yt and it can only get better.
    Have a beautiful day 🙂

  10. This was really helpful. Thank you! I’ve recently deleted my old IG account and created a new one for this purpose. I wanted to have nicer pictures and some sort of theme. I will definitely be taking these tips into consideration. Thanks again!

    1. I feel like this comment is definitely asking for a compliment but you are def gorgeous and you should just think about how many people want to look like you like you’re so beautiful 🤩

  11. My mom once tried taking pictures of me, let’s just say It’ll never happen again.

    1. Just teach her how.. my mom at first didn’t do good but after I told her how, she then take really nice pictures of me

  12. i love this! this was so helpful. I wish i could figure out my makeup a little better though lol. I feel like honestly youre so stunning that you could do like any pose in whatever outfit and grab a great pic lol ! I have a fitness channel here and I literally have to take SO MANY pics and videos just to get some content I can actually post. keep killin it girl thanks so much for the free tips – youre very helpful!!

  13. Overcast lighting is really good for the bright but soft and diffused lighting xx great for portrait photography <3

  14. Whenever a person wants me to take a photo for them I ask if they are posting it online analyze their body then find the best angle I can. If they want I’ll even give them some pose ideas from the aesthetic of their outfits. Lol I’m a bit extra. I just wish others tried taking good photos. Cuz I know how it feels to have an awful picture of yourself. Self confidence decreases by 1000000000000.

  15. when i take a photo of my friend: they look amazing cus i put effort into it
    when they take photos of me: they shake the camera and they don’t know my angles and take it straight on lmao

    1. That’s literally the annoyingest thing everrr!

  16. I took 5 years of photography . Lighting and composition is key in good photos . Also don’t try TO hard also take ALOT of photos not just one or two

    1. Yes.. I’m not a photographer at all but you never wanna go home and not like any of your photos.

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