How To Take Pictures Of Moon With An iPhone

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How To Take Pictures Of Moon With An iPhone

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  1. You don’t need to do all that just zoom in as far as you can. The keep pressing focus until it says locked. Then press the sun next to the focus box and slide it down and you will see the moon getting more clear and detailed.

    1. Sometimes autofocus does not have %100 accuracy. So its best to use manual focus and exposure.

  2. you can literally get a 20x better photo by just holding your Iphone to the eyehole of a pair of binoculars pointed at the moon and zooming in and focusing a lil bit

    1. I’ve tried that too, the binoculars and the iPhone need to be extremely steady in order to get a sharp picture. However if your binoculars have some sort of iPhone attachment or a tripod mount for the binoculars, then you would get satisfying results!

    2. ZemieFilms thank u! I literally just did this for the eclipse and although it’s not the best its pretty damn good, so thank u!

  3. I used a iPhone 6s with a osmos mobile 2 and a tripod with a zoom lens 8x and got a really good picture

  4. A flashlight in the sky? I will stick to my fuji bridge cam with the 60X zoom through a telescope.

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