I Tried this $15 Camera and I’m shocked…

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00:00 Getting a cheap $15 electronic camera.
00:56 Trying to establish the cam …
01:08 How the electronic camera works screening.
01:46 My mistakes using it.
02:49 Taking the last images.
03:17 How to get the photos out.
03:54 Breaking down the outcomes …
12:28 Is it worth it?

I Tried this $15 Camera and I’m shocked…

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  1. Flim is life…u never know what will happen and it s limited..I remember flim is so exciting… awesome find…I have to go Japan it’s my bucket list for cars, street photography and old cameras

    1. He said when he was getting the photos developed, that he chose to get his photos in physical form and digitally scanned so he could get them to his iPhone I understood it correctly.

    2. @SpikeyLive oooh I didnt listended that part dude . Thanks i had the idea of those can be scanned. Thanks again.🙏

  2. Pierre, tu as le sens du titre, mais ce n’est pas un appareil à 15$ no matter how much you paid for it. 😉 C’est tout de même un Konica avec un objectif Hexanon, pas un jouet mais un appareil compact sérieux de son temps. Il est comparable à un Minolta/Leica de la même époque. L’argentique était la dure école, sans merci et je suis certain que tu t’en serais tiré toi aussi car c’est le talent qui fait la photo, pas l’appareil.

  3. Do not crop these shots, these are only authentic in their original form. 😉

  4. Film photography seems quite cool and the cameras are cheaper but every shot costs more while with digital its practically free. Also, nowadays its possible to replicate the film effect almost perfectly.

  5. Hi, I would like to see, what you could do with these pictures in post. Could you make maybe an update video? 😉 I love the film look… so raw… so “old newspaper” like. Lots of memories 😉 Thanks.

  6. I think we need more of you doing film photography, the shots look amazing!

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