My Underrated Lens for Street Photography and Why…

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My Underrated Lens for and Why…

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  1. Think ive asked before, but ever come to Edinburgh? its pretty good. 90% of my streetphotography photos are from here.

    1. @Pierre T. Lambert Well if you find yourself over here, give us a message. I can show you some interesting places.

  2. Find taking pics of strangers intrusive. Especially the Japanese people.

  3. I am an amateur street writer in Korea. Please shoot street scenes in Korea, too

  4. It’s crazy for me to think that had I of not sent you that DM on Instagram that summer day last year I may of no longer of been doing photography, but I still am thanks to your supportive voice notes! Love you man, you’re such an inspirational person to all photographers! Keep it up!

  5. The 85 mm 1.8 is all I use, and all I can afford lol help I’m poor

  6. I love the 85! Used the 50 this weekend and i was like “nope” 😅😎

  7. In the places I live you’d be lucky to walk around with a camera and not get robbed

  8. The first photo which was the old house reminds me of the house from the movie “the grudge” 😂

  9. Don’t enter a private property without permission 😢In JAPAN,you have to get approval to take a photo.

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