Photographer VS. AI – Who Wins?!

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Photographer VS. AI – Who Wins?!

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  1. Yesss nothing better than a Pierre Video to end 2023 other than getting out there trying something different, trying something new!🎉🥳📸

  2. The last one with Alex standing with the dog that’s your favorite is golden!!😍

  3. Great ideas. I agree. I think that when you are in a creative rut, having AI give ideas for what to shoot is a great use of it. After all, AI will never replace the experience of taking photographs and the fun you can have along the journey.

  4. Really wish you wouldn’t help normalize AI. You’re really okay with AI being trained with stolen art? Including photography?

    1. Stolen art? The art is always there to be picked. Is only we the ones who find it in the way, it doesn’t move. The art is art regardless of who has discovered it. Soon or later AI is gonna find it by itself, and it doesn’t mean that we cannot make our own art or that AI is stealing it.

    2. ​@skallittor5478 Call a spade a spade bruh. AI doesn’t have an imagination like Van Gogh, Michaelangelo, or even you. It’s picking objects from what exist and learning what appeals to the human eye through algorithims. If I were to copy a famous painting and tweak it. Then try and sell it as an original from a famous Artist, I could face ramifications. AI doesn’t because there is no being to blame. I believe AI should be used to make work easier such as culling, but not for creating.

    3. @@skallittor5478 Oh right I forgot that artists have no rights, no copyrights. Everyone is free to just take and use other peoples art if they want too. That’s why no movie company gets angry when you upload their movies to YouTube or no music companies get angry when you use their music in your videos.
      /s obviously.

    4. @@iarosnaps A computer has the exact image. It’s not thinking of the image like you do. You should be able to understand the difference.

  5. It is very hard to do something better than AI if you are not a professional! I will be honest, I like AI better, but AI is not something I would prefer if I want photos of real-life events! AI is not what I am experiencing and this is why by my opinion real photography will never die! Many people will always cherish real photos because that is what they really experienced! I really liked some photos you took Pierre, and I don’t want to say that I would always prefer AI! You are a great photographer! If I wanted just some art on my wall, I would probably go for AI, but if I want memories, I will always prefer real stuff!

  6. the difference between AI and photography is photography is A REAL MEMORY. its something that really happened. Soon enough street photography will be our realest art form

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