PROS and CONS of USING SONY Cameras After 5 Intense Years

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PROS and CONS of USING SONY Cameras After 5 Intense Years

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  1. Since the launch of A7iii and the introduction of third-party zooms like Tamron 28-75, Sony has gradually become a reliable brand for working professionals in both stills and video. However, it has also become less fun to use (e.g. mediocre screen and IBIS), less value-friendly (e.g. a7IV compared to a7III, expensive flagship A1 without many firmware updates), and less well-rounded (more segmentation of product line).

    1. ah yes! huge change from A7II to A7III and then it just kept getting better!

  2. I’ve been following you since I started photography with a Sony A6000 a year ago. I enjoyed the process of shooting, but I was always looking for new hardware and trying to capture and edit the perfect picture. Somehow that didn’t make me happy.
    After I tested Fujifilm for the first time, the passion for photography really came back to me. The manual handling and the great jpgs out of camera have reduced my editing to a minimum and now I enjoy the process of taking pictures all the more.

    1. I have been shooting Fuji since 2016 and was pretty happy with my XT1 then XT2. But I got bored at some point and needed a change. For hybrid shooting, the dials are not great to be honnest. Beyond that, I think we sometimes need changes to keep the passion alive. I’m now pretty happy with my A7R5 although I’ve only had it for a couple of months. Happy shooting with your Fuji. I took my best pictures ever on them. Passion is what makes good pictures not the camera. 😊

  3. I use the Canon R3 x 85mm f1.2 DS mainly for portrait work and stranger portraits! I respect what Sony has done and am not opposed to using their gear— im just accustomed and satisfied with Canon! Thanks for the upload, Pierre. Appreciate the work you put into your content. And I also appreciate you sharing your experience.❤

  4. I’ve been using my Canon 600D for a long time and now that it’s starting to show its age through its performance, I have been thinking about switching to Sony. Particularly either an A7III or A7IV, as one of my acquaintances who is more experienced and a lot deeper into the field once told me that the industry here in our country has somewhat of a preferences when it comes to Sony, thus it’s potentially easier to get accepted into a company if one may choose to do so. I have also worked on different events previously and a lot of the other photographers and videographers I worked with used Sony too. Another thing he mentioned was how accessible third party lenses were if one has a Sony body and can also aid in saving a bit more money just for the alternatives. I want to continue using my Canon 600D until it breaks and can no longer shoot, but the focusing has gotten much more sloppy as of recent and I’m concerned about how it might affect future projects too.

    1. If your work focus on mostly photography then get the a7iii, if you are a hybrid shooter then get the a7iv.

  5. All valid criticism. I feel fortunate that I happened to buy the cameras they are updating regularly A7iv / FX3. But if I owned the A7Siii or A1, I’d be super upset.

  6. have both A7iii and A6600. Love almost everything about both. Firmware upgrades would be nice… willing to pay for it rather than buying new cameras. That said i have never faced a situation where either camera couldn’t do the job other than one thing: trying to get low in a vertical (portrait) orientation with the old style tilt only screen is a huge pain.

  7. I use a 18 years old Olympus E500 from my father💀 (it is literally older than me). But i’m working hard to earn a bit of money and make the investment. You Pierre has been an inspiration for me, and who drove me into the world of photography which I love now. Thanks for everything!

  8. I have an A7RIII. My main pro is the customisability of them. Those function buttons C1, C2 etc are so useful and pretty much all I use the menus for is to format the memory card. I’ve used a few other makes of camera and nothing comes close to that customisability. My main con is the stupid grip and how close it is to the lens on anything bigger than a small prime. Fed up of getting knuckle ache (and I have small hands) after a day of walking round with the camera in my hand. They need to make the body a little bit bigger and improve the feel of the grip.

  9. I as a former a6500 user and now a7 IV user, I would like to add a few more things.
    – You can get incredibly detailed sharp photos, especially the results of the higher megapixel count of the a7 IV really impressed me. I often find myself dialing back the sharpness in camera because it’s looking a bit too digital and unnatural
    – I really like the form factor of the cameras. Their size and weight never got in my way
    – switching between video and photo feels really comfortable on the a7 IV
    – S-Cinetone and Slog 3 are great for video

    – Overheating issues for filming even in winter after only 30 minutes!
    – I don’t like the screen, but the viewfinder also isn’t that great. It’s useful and decent but especially the viewfinder of the a7 IV looks a little blocky to me almost as if you can see the individual pixels.
    – the IBIS could be better and more intelligent
    – the menu is still a bit confusing and not very intuitive
    – the color science sometimes is a bit off, especially skin tones and yellow tones in particular
    – annoying limitations to protect their higher end cameras (reasonable from a marketing standpoint but still annoying)

    1. For overheating in videos, was it at 4k30? Or were you shooting longform 4k60p?

    2. @Professional Potato No it was connected to my Ninja V and it was 4k/25fps. Overheating happened only twice but I thought it was worth sharing. In the menu there is also a setting that allows you to film longer even when the camera is getting too warm. But still, for a hybrid camera I was a little annoyed that this is still an issue

    3. @The Owl from Duolingo Wow, it overheated while external recording in winter? Damn… It’s 35C where I live, maybe I should rethink the A7iv.

  10. Thanks for this video. I just got an A7R3, and have been doing research into using it.
    The part about the finish of the body is interesting, because I am coming from Fuji (X-T4, which I love, despite its “flippy” screen). Starting with the X-H1, Fuji started finishing its higher-end cameras with a very hard glossy coating that resists scratches and scuffs. Sony full-frame cameras have a matte black finish that looks very cool but is little better than paint. Rubber full-body covers are made for Sony cameras, and though I can see their appeal, it adds bulk, and it will stretch and disfigure eventually.
    Fuji had used to be generous with its firmware updates, but now tacitly forces hardware updates for new features. Sony may be doing likewise.
    Updating firmware on Sony bodies and lenses is a pain: downloading computer software, and in some cases updating drivers, just to install firmware updates? Not from an SD card?
    And Sony’s free imaging software requires the most recent Mac OS versions, which require the most recent Mac hardware architecture? At least I have Capture One and Photoshop.
    I’d like to be able to back-up my A7R3’s settings, which took me a week to establish, to a file, like I can for my X-T4. As a substitute, I’ve taken iPhone shots of the custom settings and My Menu pages.
    I’ve heard of a single rain drop’s falling onto a bare hot shoe “bricking” an A73. In rain, it’s a good idea to use the big ziploc bag trick, just in case.
    I like Sony’s AF, even though I mainly use back-button single focus. Just acquiring focus well really helps.
    Fuji has, for a while, been ahead of Sony in regard to video specs; only Sony’s newest models shoot 10-bit 4k. The X-T4 has video covered for me, but the A7R3’s 4k is good; it’s a stills-priority camera to me, anyway.

    1. I’m planning to go for A7III to replace X-T4, but looking into lenses size and price, I want to go back to Fuji. I’m not making any money with my camera, just a hobby shooter

  11. As a Chicagoan, I recognize so many of the scenes in this video. Good work. As for the cosmetic wear on the bodies, I like it. I’m a long-time news photographer and an old black Nikon 35mm camera with brassing in all the right spots is such a great look, a gently worn patina that is never seen on a plastic or rubberized body. But I understand what you mean about it affecting resale value especially on short-lived digital bodies where you use them very quickly and need to sell in order to move on to a new model.

  12. I’m an aviation photographer, and I mostly use the Sony 200-600mm to capture aircrafts that are moving really quick like fighter jets. For me it works really great with the Sony A7R IV because of its super great fast autofocus.

  13. I’ve been shooting Sony since 2021(Sony A1) and I agree on the weather sealing, when I shot in colorado and it was snowing a lot, so much water got on my lens and it was just fine. Also went to egypt and in general the air was quite dusty yet nothing really got into the camera which was amazing. Also I agree, the sony zoom lenses are amazing, in fact I have lenses from 12-600mm, covering literally any need. Also yea software updates, very frustrating, especially given how the features not being added is purely business and not hardware limitations. Oh yea and one more thing, sony really does honor their warranty as my Sony A1 shutter broke within a year and they fixed it no questions asked for free, so I would say that is also a plus. And one last issue is that sometimes some dust might get into the tiny cracks of the seals, doesn’t get in but just barely stuck which is a bit annoying.

  14. Hi Pierre, The Pros outway the Cons with Sony, Image quality is so important, video quality is also important. Auto Focus is very important, and being able to use third Party lenses, good on you Sony. I like when you said, a camera system won’t change how you shoot, and what happens in your brain is more important than what happens with your camera. So true, thanks for sharing this video.

  15. A1 user. I’m happy with mine. It does everything in a small and inconspicuous package. I use the 35GM, 50GM and 85 DG DN for people and general photography. I can not think of a single issue when considering the quality of the system and it’s size and weight.

    Firmware updates don’t bother me, I bought the A1 for what it did. System / New camera envy makes no sense to me.

    I’m hard on my cameras and the A1 has been used in rain, swamps and been dropped. Hasn’t skipped a beat.

  16. I’m using the Canon R6 with mostly EF-mount lenses. Thanks to the huge second-hand market I was able to get 7 L lenses in less than 3 years – something I thought wasn’t going to happen just a couple of years ago. There’s a lot to enjoy using high end gear from the past. I took the quite unknown 20-35mm 2.8L and the 85 1.2L II with me on vacation to Tokyo and I’m delighted with what they produced. Now I even managed to complete the first “holy trinity” of EF lenses: 20-35 2.8; 28-80 2.8-4 and 80-200 2.8 🙂 IBIS and the focusing abilities extract so much more from these old lenses.

    1. @Lucas Frisk nope, even older 🙂 They were released at the end of the 80s. Google for magic drainpipe and you’ll find the 80-200.

  17. Great video and you hit the positives and negatives spot on. As a 35-year pro shooter who recently switched (mostly) to Sony, I feel both your elation (auto-focus) and your pain (firmware, back screens, etc.). And while I love the capabilities of Sony, compared to my former high-end DSLR system’s build quality, ergonomics, screen quality, and oh that optical viewfinder, Sony cameras feel like toys. And yes, I know I am comparing apples to oranges, and I’m committed to Sony now so onward we go hoping for better engineering in the future. One thing I just don’t get is the firmware thing. Spoiler alert: Hey, Sony, give us firmware updates, and guess what, we will be even more loyal and we will buy more cameras! Their strategy is just so short-sighted. And now I’ll get on my favorite soap box. I can walk into my kitchen and speak to the air and a nice robot lady will tell me the weather forecast or the day’s news or play classical music or help me spell chrysanthemum, but my camera cannot hear me. It is time for voice-activated menus! Today’s menus are so dense that the first company that lets us change the most common settings (ISO, photo/video, focus mode, etc.) by simply speaking to our camera will rule the world. Okay, rant over.

  18. My first and current camera is the a7ii. The autofocus isn’t the greatest, and I miss a lot of shots due to it. I’ve been practicing photography frequently for about a year, it still looks good as new, and It is definitely worth the lower price for what you get, because it gets the job done. I’ve taken many photos with it that I’m really proud of.

  19. Hi Pierre, I‘m a Sony user since 2014 with the first a7r. I came from Nikon (D800/D810) and the reasons for switching were: compact size, image quality and the good AF in photo AND video mode. In the meantime I own the a1 (not having a firmware update is desaster compared to Canon), the A7r V, which is the real flagship in terms of image quality and the ZV-E1, which is a very good value for money when it comes to professional videos. Beside the cameras I hate Sony‘s process to become a member of their PRO Team, they don’t trust their professional customers. I’ve never seen such a customer unfriendly process.

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