Revealing Why I’m NOT Buying the Sony A7RV OR Leica Q3!

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Revealing Why I'm NOT Buying the OR !

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  1. In my opinion an upgrade of a camera body (or even changing of an ecosystem) is logical when it removes a major limitation that would benefit the photographer.

    I got the Panasonic Lumix S5 Mark I last year.

    As I planned a 2 camera setup I will get the Panasonic Lumix S5 II X because

    I can use my L mount lenses
    The button placements and menus will be the same (apart from the new functions)
    It finally has Phase Detect Autofocus
    And the RAW Photos buffer is increased from 24 RAW Photos of the Mark I to 200!!! for the Mark II
    I can have SSD recording
    It can shoot Open Gate

    These are major upgrades that (importantly) I will take advantage of!

    I think that cameras are reaching the peak for photography but have more to go in terms of video so if you are Photographer – there are less reasons to upgrade.

  2. The 3 questions you asked is so relatable. I remember wanting to have a full frame camera so bad even if it does not make any sense financially (I have a cropped sensor camera even now) because every youtuber shoots with a full frame and their photos are worlds apart from mine. Until I actually went outside and tried street photography. my photos are still crap to this day compared to what I see on social media but thats ok as long as im enjoying my time outside and the process after. and that will still be true, cropped or full frame.

  3. Hello Pierre, I completely agree with your thoughts. Although I have to admit that I am, too, a liitle gearhead who likes to play around with shiny new stuff. But over the last years I found out that it doesn’t make ma a better photographer. Like you’ve said, it’s about practice and living with the given limitations of any camera – and to be honest, in almost all modern cameras there are not much limitations. Personally I prefer to spend the money that I am not investing in new gear in travel and the creative motivation that I get from traveling. Thanks for your thoughts and always good light!

  4. I’ve been using my A7 II for the last 5 years. Each new alpha that comes out I’m like my god this feature is dope, I need a little bump in resolution, my AF could be better… You can always find a good reason for it, but as long as you questioning yourself and you’re not sure that you need it that mean that you don’t need it after all. I’ve spend way more on lenses than camera. At the end you not gonna make so much difference, an A7 MK1 will make the same photo of an A7 MK4 with maybe a bit more work on it. (Yeah I get It ibis is a game changer)

  5. i dont change gear untill i feel like the gear is the thing that holds me back (photography .bike. and more)

  6. I think lenses are the more important gear to worry about vs bodies in most cases.

  7. I often shot with my old nikon d5000 and it make really beautiful big prints and if not I use the Canon eos r and I already know the quality of the image is soo good that I can use it for years and people are not gonna notice the difference between that one and new camera

  8. I have been shooting with the Sony A6600, Sigma 56mm, Sigma 35mm, and Sony 18-135mm since Christmas 2021. I want to add a full frame body to my kit, but I keep going back and forth on what to get. I want to stay in the Sony family. Budget would be around $3k for the new body. My main focuses of photography are individual branding and small portrait/documentary sessions. What would be your recommendation(s)?

  9. There is just not much more technical improvement possible so even older models are quite fine.

  10. Trés interessante comme vidéo ! J’ajouterai qu’en plus, a force de changer on ne prend pas ses marques avec son appareil .. Perso je change pas d’appareil souvent c parce que ca coute tres cher voila voila J’utilise ce que j’ai et c’est très bien comme ca

  11. I miss my old dead D800!it had megapixels that you could cut a picture in half and still be fine with details!the new cameras got dozens of new features, but I still go back to a simple 2 light flash set up, one mainlight on the face and upper body, and one on the side of the body!using a D7000 with an nice Tokina 11-16mm f2.8!getting a 50mm f1.4 soon!new cameras are nice, but a bit pricy!

  12. I’ve been shooting on the a7SIII and Alpha 1 for a good bit of time now and can’t imagine chasing gear this soon. Both cameras are still beyond my capabilities and can literally do everything I throw at them and then some! Not to mention the A1’s high speed shooting has not been matched within the Sony line up as of yet so you still aren’t topping this camera body for wildlife, sports, motorsport, or any other action shooting! And as a bonus I find it especially funny when people think you can’t take good pics with the a7SIII because it’s ONLY 12MP! Sure if you’re pixel peeping in Lr or Ps then you would be correct… However, when it comes to the most common uses of photos ie print, publications, and digital media (where resolution is restricted ie social media or other online media) you would be shocked at the results and I’d put money on you not being able to differentiate between a photo shot on the a7SIII vs a larger MP camera body!

  13. As someone who shoots both photos and video, the A7RV was a great upgrade for me. Because of how good it is as a hybrid camera, I can comfortably sell a GFX Body, A7IV, and possibly even my main b-cam (FX3). The A7RV is a big step up from the A7IV in my workflow and the A7RV is hands down the best hybrid camera I’ve used – don’t sell the screen short, the ergonomics and usability for waist and overhead shooting without flipping it all the way out is so good to have back. It was something I really liked doing on my older Fujifilm X series cameras and it’s so much better as an operator who isn’t trying to be in front of the camera.

  14. Having less produces more for me. It gives you less to think about and more time to capture the moments. I’ve rented and tried many pieces of gear but in the end of the day, being a prime user, I just go with 2 bodies and 2 lenses (a74+24mm gm and a7r5+85mm gm). Those are my go to focal lengths as I hate changing lenses while shooting

  15. Hi Pierre ! You’re an inspiration to me and I look up to you! I love your videos and photos! I still shoot on my Sony Alpha 7 iii, yeah I can upgrade but I’m still really content with what I have and plus the pictures Ive took over the years look amazing ! I’ve shot weddings and taken photos of people and every time people tell me how amazing my pictures look! So i see no need to upgrade. Yeah sure the specs are better in the new Sony cameras but again im very happy with what I have! Maybe in a few years I’ll upgrade but if I ever do, I think I’ll still have my A 7 iii just to keep for memories and hey maybe i’ll shoot with it once in awhile! Thanks for being so inspirational and keep up the amazing work!

  16. No question you have the right priorities – the gear just compliments your vision and is a tool for getting the job done. I’ve been using the a7Riii for 3 years now and have loved every minute of it, but I’m seriously considering the A7RV. The flip screen is a big attraction for me – I shoot a lot of landscape photos as panos with the camera in portrait orientation so the ability to tilt the screen, especially if I’m shooting low, to save my aching 67 year-old legs and knees is a strong factor, as is the improved screen visibility (it’s nearly impossible to see the A7Riii playback on a bright sunny day). Also, the focus bracketing is a huge attraction. Can I get by without these improvements? Sure, but those improvements can make my photo shooting experience more enjoyable, so they’re worth considering!

    1. Indeed, it highly depends on your own needs. I often suggest people to get an A7M4 if they’re newly stepping in to the hobby. But I also enjoy the every minute of my A7RV and I do suggest pros to get it instead of the A1, in most situations except for sports, simply because that it has the best user experience in the whole Sony alpha camera line, especially for landscape shooters. What really annoys me about the A1 is merely how Sony is treating its users, with little to no firmware support. Comparing to the competitors it’s just ridiculous: Canon has added many features for R3/R5 after launch, Nikon is constantly adding features for Z9, but what did A1 get? The lack of support here changed my attitude towards Sony cameras: If a feature (usually, firmware features) I need is absent, I wouldn’t buy it at all.

  17. Good advice. I have an A7Riii. I tried the A7RV and it was better in most aspects (autofocus eye tracking, flippy screen, slightly larger grip and body), worse in others (noise) and equal in many (video for 4k still not over sampled, still 8 fps full raw) but decided it wasn’t worth the nearly $4k upgrade.

    I still have to press a control button to engage eye autofocus tracking on fast moving subjects, video autofocus isn’t good at all… but the photos are still superb.

  18. Basically my thoughts. I upgraded from the A7iii to the A7IV because I needed a resolution increase and AF boost. I felt like the A7iii a lot of the time could not keep up with me. My A7IV never misses, and I can get more creative since I can reliably trust the AF. Sony will have to put in WORK to get me to even think about upgrading from the A7IV. It just does everything I need it to.

  19. This is true but only to an extent for example I started with a Fuji x-t20, I was limited by to weather sealing which really limited when I could shoot. Things like auto focus improvements might not make one specific image better but will help you enjoy shooting more because you will have more shots in focus and have to worry less about getting focus vs. composition i.e. stuff that matters.

  20. Just need Sony to have 4K 60FPS (without crop) on their cameras, and not just on the A7S III or Alpha 1. Insane to me that a $1,200 DJI Mini 3 Pro has better video / photo capabilities than a $3,200 Sony A7 IV, and it literally flies!

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