SOLO Strange Street Photography in Paris on Leica Q2 – ASMR POV

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SOLO Strange Street in Paris on – ASMR POV

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  1. The timing at 3:16 was crazy. I think the Leica has nice colors, but I gotta say I think the fixed lens is holding you back compared to the compositions from the chicago videos.

  2. heureusement il ne s’est pas retourné le vieux au chapeau . ç’est flippant autour pour les gens qui regarder de loin la scène mdr. mais comme dab photo au top

  3. I’m a Street Photographer here in Manila, Philippines and i’m a Youtuber too. You’re my inspiration and my idol in Street Photography because of your shots and beautiful story of your photos. ☺️

  4. Perso je ne suis pas du tout fan de tes deux vidéos avec le Leica. Je trouve que les photos sont moins recherchés, moins jolies, fades.. Pour moi justement l’édition est super importante (par rapport à ce que tu disais dans la première vidéo, ou y’avait presque pas ou pas du tout besoin d’édition), ça va permettre d’avoir un rendu totalement unique, que personne d’autre n’aura puisque justement tu auras appliqué ta pâte graphique / personnelle. Sans cela, 10 personnes peuvent avoir la même photo et là, cela n’a plus aucun interet. En tout cas, à mon sens.

  5. I think this video will put a few people off. Mostly because of the 28mm look.
    What i have to say to that is that i just got my Q2 and coming from Sony A7s iii and my 24-70 where i am used to the compression i’ve noticed that i was disappointed with most of my shots due to lack of that “Photo” look and more of a Phone Picture look. BUT. The more i shoot with the Q2 the more I learn what it wants to do and boy can it do a lot but it want’s to do things a bit differently and a bit slower than the average Sony/Canon shooter.
    It want’s you to think about your composition for a second longer and it definetly want’s you to use it’s 47mp and Crop your images to your liking.
    The Colors and the overall Feel of the Image makes it such a joy to shoot with because i know that if i put in the effort in the Composition it will reward me in my grading Process afterwards.
    Not a camera for everyone but those who do know what to ask from it will be rewarded greatly.
    (Im in no way a Leica fanboy in fact i thought about selling mine, but i’ve just noticed that the more i understand the camera the more rewarding and fun it get’s.)

  6. I’m definitly in the minority based on the comments, but I absolutely love the look that comes from this camera. I think people have become way too focused bokeh and isolating subjects from the background.

  7. Super vidéo!! Et juste, sur les premières frame, ça ne serait pas la passerelle à massy?

  8. Pierre, I love this challenge you’ve taken on. I cannot fathom how you can work with a 28mm in most situations yet but I’m sure it’s because I’m used to using long lenses. Awesome work overall!👏

  9. 0:10 smartphone reflection with this symmetry and without people would be perfect😍

  10. The photo is 9:45 is proper cool! Hope you showed him the picture. Great video, love the POVs to chill out to.

  11. I know how can be difficult to take meaningful pictures in a session Pierre but this can hardly called street photography… You shoot too much with poor meaning, you’re too far from the subjects, it’s a 28mm lens is not a telephoto. You must be near to fill the frame with that lens, I’m sorry but you’re a great photographer and I’d like to see better street work. Keep it up, a friend from Italy.

  12. Pas facile à apprivoiser ce 28mm ! Et puis la street photo des touristes à Montmartre n’est pas non plus très inspirante. Il reste que le q2 est un merveilleux outil pour celui qui saura le mettre à sa main. Les N&B des 47Mp sont un cran au dessus quoi qu’on est dise.

  13. That one where you were in the reflection along the edge of the street in the mirror, that’s my favorite picture from this whole video. It almost looks like you’re inside of the window looking out.

  14. I’m a bit surprised how that man (12:25) not noticed you behind him making clicking noises with a camera. 🤨

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