Sony 50mm f/1.4 GM Field Review: I’m confused!

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f/1.4 GM Field Review: I'm confused!

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  1. Damn right after buying the 50mm 1.2GM the Sigma version and now this one comes out haha, still super happy with the 1.2GM tho

    1. Bought a 50mm 1.2GM with the A7RV. Had I known a 1.4 was coming I might have waited a bit and save a little cash towards the future 85 1.2 GM (if it ever release)

  2. i dont get how you just take pictures of random strangers up close and they dont care

    1. Was confused about that too. A lot of the “Shot on 50mm…” have a side label that says 20mm 🙂

  3. Another great video! Keep em coming. You have taught me so much and I love your style. Thank you!

  4. Why don’t you use vintage lenses if you want character in your photos?

    1. This is why I can’t justify buying a auto focus 50mm,when I have over 50 manual focus 50mm lenses which have a much nicer character.

  5. Awesome insight as always..for some photographers at this point..its all about that lower f-stop..1.2> sure this 1.4 is amazing like its “bigger sibling” the 1.2..and of course now you are paying for the price around $700 USD worth it for a 1.2 or I said at this point for some photographers..its just clout and bragging rights that “I paid more than you” for a 1.2..haha at the end of the day our clients can’t even tell and even some photographers can’t even tell what image is what..1.2 or 1.4 image..its weird that Sony still chose to make this 1.4 GMlens? seems like there is no need for it when you have that 1.2? you’re putting the lens against each other for sales?..when you could have just made customers not have the ability to choose and make them choose the only one 50 GM

    I am just waiting for that 85 1.2 GM!! haha im sure it will be around the same design as that 50 1.2 GM..slightly smaller and lightweight would be perfect..

    1. 1.2 for photo (better bokeh and more light). 1.4 for video (weight matters on a gimbal).

  6. Now i am super torn between this lens and the 35 1.4, what would you pick? I shoot a bit of everything, auto, sports, street, portrait etc. and i have NO idea of which to get

    1. Get a zoom first. Sony 70-200 GM ii, Sony 20-70, Tamron 35-150 are all versatile choices.

    2. @Frank Feng I actually have a 24-70 and the 70-200. I’m at the point of wanting that first prime :/

    3. If you are not sure get 35, it’s been longer on market so you will get a better deal. Buy 50 next year when its price will drop 🙂

    4. Sorry … You are in a difficult place. When you say sport and portrait I would lean toward 50 or 85. When you say cars and street I would lean toward 35. But some people use 50 all the time. Depends on your eyes.

    5. If you are into like Jon.Snip style of photography he uses the 35/50 lenses.

  7. What about the 50mm f2.5G? Light, small and similar feature set to this new f1.4GM minus the fast aperture, but also less than half the price.

  8. It is smaller, lighter and cheaper than the 1.2 – and nobody can tell the difference between 1.2 and 1.4 anyway. So the 1.2 is obsolete now 🙂 $500 of the resell value gone.

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