Sony A7CR & A7CII: I WOULDN’T Buy it and Here’s Why – Full Review

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00:00 New & Summary.
01:26 What I will review.
01:48 A7CR VS. A7CII Explained Specifications Ergo Performance.
05:50 What Matters most.
07:45 On The Field Experience With The Cam.
12:14 How To Pick & The Rate Problem.

& A7CII: I WOULDN'T Buy it and Here's Why – Full Review

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    1. Sony will tell you how environmental friendly they are, but they will force you to get a 20 new cameras in 3 years because of software limitations they have designed. What a stupid company … Very sad to see where is this sony division heading.

  1. I really appetite your honesty , Thankyou. My A7IV is still perfect for my photo needs and I love the way the body feels I’m my hands.

    1. Agree completely… some of the other reviewers seem to just be advertisement for the A7cII and A7cR. Once again, the tiny viewfinder is very offensive. Thanks, Pierre, for being brave and NOT recommending these cameras.

      PS. The prices set are ridiculous… way too expensive.

    2. @James Sobredo you’re welcome! I struggled a bit with this so happy it resonates!

  2. I was hoping a7cii will cost closer to FX30. Now Zve1 seems better than a7cii
    But for new camera enthusiasts like me S5ii seems better and it costs less that FX30 is my country.

    1. I wish the Panasonic S5II was around when I started getting into photography. There are a lot of features in Canon, Sony, Fujifilm cameras Panasonic cameras already had for years. pre burst, 6k open gate for video, shutter angle, are just a few I can think of off the top of my head. And for the cost of one Sony A7CR, you can buy two S5II or one S5II and a great lens to get started.

    2. @marc gilles A7cR is a joke because if you are a professional get the A7R5 because it’s an investment. And if you are a hobbyist why the hell would you need a 61mp sensor. Get one of the hybrid ones.

    3. @TooMuch__2as a hobbyist, I’m looking forward buying the a7CR used in a few years 😅

    4. @TooMuch__2 I agree 100%. Who is the target demographic for the A7CR? I was thinking maybe as a backup for a A7R5 user? But at that price they would be better off with the A74. Maybe a vlogger, who also wants higher megapixels? I would still go with an A74, 🤷‍♂

  3. Pricing is too close to the A74, the only reasons for buying the A7c over an A74 is price and size, the A7cIi is obviously being priced in line with the A7V for when that’s released, which doesn’t bode well for the price of that.

  4. I feel like I got my A7C for a steal! For the amount they are asking I agree… better off with a regular A7 body.

  5. I have to agree on the topic of EVF being too limiting to pay that much. I ace a hard time using the low res screen to make sure that I have AF Locked, I tried the A7RV EVF and is really good, but, is it worth another $900 over the A7CR?…..that I think is the key question that I am struggling with ……

  6. Goooood Morning! What do you think of these two new cameras?!
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  7. I like the A7C cameras but I prefer a bigger size difference between bodies to compliment the biggest. I have the A1 as my main and a Canon G5X ii as a small walkabout.

  8. I agree I think if A7CII was out when I bought my A7IV I probably would look at it more, I still use big telephoto lenses though so I might still want the ever so slightly bigger form factor of the A7IV(and I use it with the battery grip too). but a compact full frame will be pretty nice to pack a more limited size travel setup…

  9. The A7CR would be tempting to me given its lower price point than the A7RV were it not for the fact that the A7CR doesn’t have a joystick for moving the autofocus point. I really rely on the joystick, so I’ll stick with my A7R3 until it falls apart and then look at one of Sony’s full size cameras for an upgrade.

  10. Much prefer the full size full frame e mounts camera. The gm lenses just got light in weight but not really smaller in size. These a7c body are too small. For me at least.

  11. I think an A1 for action and an A7RC would be a really good combination for action and landscape, respectively. I use AI focus often for wildlife and I use focus stacking often for MACRO and landscape on my A7RV. The question for me is whether I’d sell my A7RIV and buy the A7CR as a backup for my A7RV. I doubt it be UA use it is just too redundant.

  12. Hi Pierre, very informative video it’s good that the image quality is great from both cameras, it’s an important decision to make when buying a new camera. And Sony always excels in image quality. Both the A7CR and the A7CR11 would be a great camera to buy for someone that doesn’t have a Sony camera, and wants to upgrade from an old DSLR to a Sony Mirrorless camera. And a great idea Pierre to have a photo book from White Wall. Great presentation thanks for sharing this video. 😃

  13. Much as I like the form factor of the 7cr, the EVF of the sony a7r5 is so much better. I do a lot of MF work & updated from the r4 to the r5 partially because of the EVF. Further the R5 screen & ibis is also better so the price difference is worth it. Yet I am glad that Sony is developing this form factor & maybe in its next variant improve some aspects without compromising on the light compact form. Incidentally my first sony camera was the a7r & that was 465 grams

  14. I shoot for pleasure,(not professional), and just bought my first full frame camera (the fantastic A7 iv) after 20 yrs in the point and shoot world. I am still in the return window for my A7 iv and was really liking the A7c as it was cheaper and perhaps all I needed…But now I really really really like the A7C ii which is still cheaper than the A7iv and has enhancements. I like the idea of the smaller size, the new touch menus with icons, and the enhanced IBIS of the A7C ii, (7 stops A7C ii vs 5.5 A7 iv for stabilized lenses). Does the IBIS on the A7C ii make a difference in recording video hand held in real world shooting? Separately, I appreciate what you said last at 15:05 (don’t just fall for the marketing, think about what yu are limited on with your current camera, save your money for a better lens, take a course, etc)…Get out and shoot, do something different and try something new.

    1. Return the A7Iv and buy it again used. I got mine for 2095 from MPB and it is like brand new!

  15. It seems that there are too many compromises in the overall UI as highlighted in the video. For example, would it have been reasonable to skip the entry level EVF and instead go with a really high quality three inch monitor that could be used even when it is bright outside.

  16. I appreciate your level-headed review. I’m looking for a full-frame camera that is also compact, in addition with my Ricoh GR III and Olympus, but I’ll just wait in the meantime.

  17. I think these cameras make sense when paired with small lenses like Sony’s recent 24, 40, or 50mm. They don’t make much sense with GM lenses because they are unbalanced.

  18. To be honest, both are great cameras but I feel like my Sony A7r4 is still doing a wonderful job.
    The autofocus is still as good as I needed…I think I will wait until A7r6 before consider upgrading 🙂

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