Sony’s NEW A6700 Real Life Test – Worth it?

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Sony's NEW A6700 Real Life Test – Worth it?

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  1. Does anyone know of a wrist strap for cameras preferably under 20$ that they would recommend?

  2. Left Sony FF for Fuji APS-C a few weeks ago. Loving my new X-T5. Vastly more fun to use and very comparable image quality. Only downside for me is a the 1.5x hit to the DOF. But with their 1.4 lenses it’s not toooo bad. Worth it.

    1. Same story. Appeal, shooting experience. Sold both my A7iv’s and very happy with the X-T5’s! Literally a few weeks ago 😉

  3. i have an apsc, im not sure if i want to upgrade to a full frame or stick with apsc, but a newer one. but i do know that as a result of the full frame prices, im leaning towards buying a new apsc

  4. Fujifilm APS-C and loving it. Street photography and commercial projects.

  5. What is the color accuracy and representation on the EVF/LCD? Because on the a6600/a6400 it is not good at all.

  6. Got micro four-thirds after having APS-C and full frame. I like the lighter weight and lens selection.

  7. Hello Pierre! I have a Sony a6000 and the fact that it’s very light and portable makes it possible to have it in my bag everyday even when going to university. Even on hikes it’s very suitable!

  8. I have a APS-C (samsung nx 1100 if anyone knows that camera) and i think i couldn’t go bigger then micro four-thirds. I like to have a light and small camera that i can take everywhere and not have to worry if i have enough space for everything as i dont have a camera bag yet.

  9. Been thinking about full-frame vs APS-C for a while now since I was considering the A7C. I’ve compared a lot of photos the past year and yes, the FF definitely has a better low light performance and bokeh. But looking at it from the perspective of a casual shooter who just does this on travel/vacation, those advantages are better saved for a professional photographer. 90% (maybe even more) of my photos are gonna end up on my phone/social media anyways and people there will rarely know the difference. Maybe some would end up as my desktop wallpaper but it’s not like I couldn’t live with a bit of worse bokeh.

    Also have to think about the costs. FF body and lenses are so expensive and that’s what’s primarily keeping me away from switching to it. If I had infinite money then I’d go full frame but the price difference between building your own set of lenses for APS-C vs FF can be used for a lots of other things.

  10. I have been using Fullframe for 6 years and now using Fujifilm XT4, the gap between Fullframe and Crop is not too far

  11. I own an a6300, I don’t mind and it is good for my needs, of course I would like a full frame camera, but I think it is too much for my use.
    I am interested for the new a6700 I think I will keep an eye on it

  12. When will they release a camera without a film option. There are so many photographers who just take pictures. And then the step is also made faster to buy a new device. Now it’s to expensive to upgrade my gear 😢

  13. Since in Kenya photography hasn’t grown that much I have a Canon 800d APS-C sensor 😊

  14. I am torn between a7iv and a6700 because full frame is bigger sensor so better low light performance but I would lose 70mm of focal length on my Tamron 35-150 and with me doing sports photography that is something I can’t consider ligthly. But the fact that a6700 seems like a really well rounded camera and it costs substantially less than the a7iv so righ now I am more geard towards the a6700

  15. Bought my a6500 second hand on eBay for like $400 with a kit lens. Still haven’t found enough reason to upgrade

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