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  1. that’s sick!
    Love the idea of reporter edition. branding is striped away and overall looks very slick. Also i started doing photography because of you! You gave me a huge inspiration. Ty for your content ❤

    1. Don’t worry. It just takes time. I just bought my first Leica (a Q2) at 50. Keep grinding!

    2. @leafsfan71 I was about to say add “at the moment” Dominico. “I’m so poor at the moment”. You never know how your life will be in the future <3

  2. This camera looks very exciting, but I like cameras with interchangeable lenses, but yes, this camera is more for everyday photography

  3. I’m waiting/saving for the Q3. Rumoured to be announced in June/July. I have a Sony A7IV now which I love. However, I want a daily carry that I always have. The size is great and it’s such a capable camera. My plan is to have longer lenses for the Sony and then use the Q3 for street and wide photos.

  4. Leica is a luxury brand. I have a Leica Q and shoot Voigtlander lenses on my Sony’s and I have a way better experience with that than the Leica. I bought the Leica for a small full frame travel camera but at the same time, I’m missing out on a lot of shots I can get with a longer zoom lens with compression that you can’t really get with a 28mm. You really have to understand what you are shooting and what you are giving up by only using a 28mm. The Leica look doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know how to use light at all. My insta – kirkholla

  5. I love the look and feel of the Leica. Though, the Fuji X100V just as much – even at a fraction of the price. I would be scared to carry that expensive a camera around!

  6. Here’s my view, grab your A7RIII/IV/V and the sony 50mm/40 F2.5. Then you have a razor sharp high quality lens, small setup, high resolution, great AF. Then make a pic profile close to Leica’s and you’re there much cheaper

  7. Not a big fan of the Q series. Picked up a few over time to try them and as soon as I take a look in the EVF, it’s for me just as big brands hybrids. No point in picking up a Q if it’s only to use it with autofocus. This is why I prefer the rangefinder of the M series. Much more enjoyable experience. Still use Fuji x100f or v but I take snapshots with them, I concentrate much less when I take a picture with those than when I use my Leica Ms.
    Almost any camera available on the market now can be a Pro camera. Just have to use it within the constraints it’s built for.

  8. basically is just paying for the brand name.. if you can afford it and you like the camera body/design and holding a leica make you feel better. then why not.
    But in term of specs n what the camera can do.. most of the cheaper gear can do better. So it really depends what you want…

    1. for sure don’t get Leica for specs… the AF is frustrating sometimes as a Sony / Canon shooter haha

  9. I love my Q2. I have the sl2s for everything else, but the Q2 for me is the perfect everyday companion. Tried the X100V for a couple of months and it never seemed to let me get my kind of shot. I’m no pro. But I always seem to get the shot with the Q2.

    So many reasons for that:

    1 I have it with me more often.
    2 let’s call it a Ferrari vs Ford and therefore I want to use it more and have improved with it
    3 it has a better lens.

  10. Don’t forget status. Some just buy it for that. To make them feel superior

  11. I never wanted to spend the money on the Q2, although I love the style. I found a used one and jumped in, thinking I could resell it. I hate to say it, but there is something magical about the images that I can’t seem to get enough of. Each shot surprises me . . .I don’t know exactly what it is. It is a different image than I can get with my Fujis or Sonys at the same focal length.

  12. First and foremost, if you buy this camera because it inspires you to be creative then it’s worth the money! That aside, I would never buy it because it does nothing for me personally. I know for a fact you can get the same image out of any modern digital camera in post. With that being said I don’t think people truly by this camera because of the image/colors. It is 100% a brand thing and also the idea of having a fixed point and shoot so that removes any and all debate over your gear pack as you have only one option with this camera. It’s totally not my cup of coffee but I completely understand the want and desire to shoot with one!

  13. I’ve never used a Leica camera and I’m not planning to any time soon…. Also people/youtuber are weird, they’ll complain all day about the fact that some 2000$ can’t do X or Y and yet they would happily pay 3 times more for a leica camera that has even more restrictions under the pretext that it forces them to be more creative, or it has really good colors… Seriously, that sounds like a dumb way to waste money if you ask me; but everyone is free to spend his/her money the way he/her wants

  14. at the end we all justify our expensive purchases. Realistically, a sony a7ii/iii or Canon R8/R6 are good enough to be an everyday carry camera. But we camera enthusiasts like to own the tech more than the benefits that come with each different camera body. So if you have money then by all means get the Leica, the X100V, the R3, the A1. Because it’s more to own the tech and have it and not need it then to need it and not have it. By the way, not an advice for people who are in debt!

  15. Hi Pierre, would you like to come to Iran? you can find many beautiful places to shoot 🙂

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