The NEW 70-200 F/4 Macro Lens Changes The Game! Better than a f/2.8?

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The NEW 70-200 F/4 Macro Lens Changes The Game! Better than a f/2.8?

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    1. anything at your disposal, so this means if your phone has a camera, use that!

      edit: i added a little more information to it lmao

  1. Hey Pierre. I have the Sony 70-200 f4 OG lens and it’s probably my favorite lens, after the 55mm zeiss. I was so excited for this mark ii release, but now I’m kinda thinking for what I need it for my OG lens is probably still good at f4.

    1. The biggest thing for me (as an owner of the G1 as well) is the teleconverters. The macro is sick, and adds versatility, but the 1.4 and 2x converters make me very jealous.

  2. Hey Pierre,
    i’m currently using a 100-400mm f5.0 sigma lense (because of budget) and i’m happy so far. But at some time i really want to switch to sony and the corresponding lenses.
    But i have one question. you mention your 30 day photography thing every video, do you have any estimate when the next one will be? Would really like to participate.

  3. Dang as someone who primarily does macro but wants to start shooting people and better wildlife stuff I think this would be perfect and would stay on my camera 100% of the time. But what about macro tubes on the 1.8?

  4. During my Sony days, used 70-200mm f/4 for almost 80% of my wok, even when I could afford a 2.8, I stuck with f/4, it was lighter, and just somehow better for my work.

  5. Just bought a 2.8 canon 3 weeks ago And did a festival It was awesome I cant wait to try it on street ! The only problem was the weight of the objectif …

  6. Laowa 2.8 100 2:1….is a better value for macro,….combined with the 70-200gm ii….unless you are a casual photographer, that just wants to dabble.

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