The Second Photography Triangle Everyone Ignores

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The Second Everyone Ignores

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  1. Lots of love from india pls visit India ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I love you soo much

  2. Hey Pierre Amazing Video Once Again. I Have A Quick Question Photography Is My Passion So I Want To Get Into It As A Potential Career Path. So What Do You Think My First Camera Should Be I Prefer Sony . I Hope You See This And Enjoy Your Time. Cheers 🥂😊

    1. Thanks! Get the one that will work best for your needs and budget 🙂 Sony is open to 3rd party lenses which is great. Nikon too

  3. Wow never thaught about the second triangle thing. Amazing explanation!!! Keep it up!

  4. Hi Pierre, what a great guest you had, Jeremy and you asked him some great questions. I liked when Jeremy talked about the other exposure triangle, COMPOSITION, SUBJECT, LIGHT. That’s Gold I really like it. Jeremy made a great point about practising, it might sound obvious but we as photographer’s should practise more. Pierre you are very wise to say that if someone wants to delete a photo, to just delete it. It’s best to have peace of mind. A fun video this was and very nice to watch. Thank you. 😊

  5. You being asked once or twice aboute being asked to see the photo.
    Meanwhile in Vancouver, I gave up on street photography because it was every day someone would be hostile. To the point that people not even close to being in the photo would cross the street screaming about no photography. I had someone throw an orange at me for taking a photo of a cherry blossom tree, and telling me to delete the photo because they thought they were in it.

    1. Argh that sounds like an awful experience. Thank you for sharing and hopefully things get more chill where you live.

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