The WRONG Lens Myth for Street Photography

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The WRONG Lens Myth for

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    1. It’s a choice to help with creativity, limit yourself to the number of photos in a roll of film (which was commonly 36 or 24)

  1. Nice another new video to watch 😀😁. cannot wait to take photos again

  2. 8th Hey which camera would be the best to start with Sony a6400 or the Sony a7 IIK?

    1. Would depend on budget more than anything, you can get the 6400 for a decent price and use the extra to invest in good glass and move to full frame down the road. Perks of Sony is same mount across the board.
      If you have the cash to go big right away then you can go full frame but as a starting place I’d suggest the cheaper body and the best glass you can get. If you buy the best camera but stick junk lenses on you’ll lose interest quickly.
      Lenses hold value and bodies change often so a used or older body and good lenses to learn is usually best unless money doesn’t matter

  3. Which setup would you recommend me to pair with Sony A7RV + Tamron 50-400mm F4.5-6.3 if I will use it/them mainly for ultrawide and everyday photos with crop, video will be shoot mainly with Panasonic HC-X1500 25-600mm?:

    1) Sony 12-24mm F4
    2) Tamron 17-50mm F4
    3) Laowa 10-18mm F4.5-5.6 + 17-50mm

    First cover more range but not sure if they will update this 6 years old lens soon, second is the same Tamron series but cover less range, third get even wider range but will be 3 lenses, what do you think?

    1. If it were me I’d go the 17-50, assuming that’s a full frame camera. 17 is already pretty wide and it’s more useful to cover the range up to 50 than to go even wider IMO. But I’m far from an expert lol

  4. Tu es à Taipei ? Sympa cette vidéo POV, j’adore cette contrainte des 24 photos, ca me donne envie de l’essayer. Dis moi si tu viens vers Shanghai ! Profites bien. ++ Matt

  5. That lens is SO wide, you have to be in their faces to get good people shots 🙁 I would be nervous too

  6. I’m only a Mandarin beginner but I think you need to take more care with your tones. Like, you can still speak quickly and casually but be careful not to apply English inflections. For instance, when you said 謝謝 (xièxie), you said it like you would say “thank you!” in English in the same situation. Which is honestly fine because they could see you weren’t a local and probably got what you were trying to say… But it still may have come across a little confusingly.

  7. When I’m doing photography, my normal limit is 1 shot per subject (sometimes stretched to 2 or 3 if the subject is particularly interesting). I find that to be more useful than 36 total shots. It’s also WAY more fun and interesting when you get back to the computer and you don’t have to scroll through a dozen shots of the same thing.

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