The WRONG Lens Street Photography?! 24-105mm f/4-7.1 + Canon R6 II

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The WRONG Lens Street ?! +

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  1. You are the living proof that the gear doesn’t make the photographer Pierre !

    Amazing shots, keep them coming 😁

    1. He still did use a 2000 euro+ camera though. Would be cooler to see him use a beginner camera for around 100 – 200 euro.

  2. I would do anything to get a r6 mk2 with kit right now but im stuck with 18-55😂

  3. Kit lens is good while it’s sunny. But when it comes to dark conditions… it’s not as good as you wish

  4. Hi Pierre please try also Canon EOS 550D same as my camera just want to see you using it

  5. no such thing as a “Wrong” lens. I use the Fujifilm kit lens ALOT aswell as 55-200mm or even a 12mm prime. It all depends on what you want! (I admit the Fuji Kit lens is damn good though, f2.8-4)

  6. How do you like the color rendering between canon and newer Sony bodies? I can’t decide which to buy a7iv or R6mii 😅

    1. Depends what lenses you have already! Honestly the Canon and Sony colors are pretty close to me nowadays! The Canon back screen does look better though…

  7. I’m still what I feel new to my photography journey and I feel correct me if I’m wrong. I think if you have enough light and have a decent mindset for the arts you still can get nice results for a kit lens.

  8. The colours are just beautiful… the skies with minimal clouds… so clean!

  9. As a beginner/amateur photographer, the only lenses I use are my kit lens and a 35mm f/1.8 and I honestly love the kit lens and I feel like I don’t need to upgrade any time soon 🤝🏼

  10. i use kit lenses with crop dslr its nice not perfect but its not imposible and you are a professional(!) you must know editing noises etc… its dump. (not for dark scenes)

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