This VERSATILE Set Up Is Prefect For Street Photography

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00:00 Philosophy for this photography adventures.
00:33 What's in the New Adventures.
02:01 Arriving to new spot.
03:05 Portraits of complete strangers POV 24-70mm.
05:22 One of my Favorite 35mm f/1.4 + Mist 1/8 Pictures POV.
05:49 f/4 Portraits POV.
06:50 Reflecting on the photoshoot up until now.
08:00 Monk asking me for pictures.
08:32 Concealed street corner pictures.
08:55 Finding brand-new angle for photos.
09:40 Expectations for sunset shoot.
11:06 Describing gear and difficulties.
12:16 Disappointed however trying …!
12:45 How photographers generate income in Nepal.
13:53 photography tip to conserve.
14:04 pictures recap and reflections.

This VERSATILE Set Up Is Prefect For Street Photography

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  1. Hi Pierre, great pictures as always! I have a Organizational question: I will also be flying to Nepal in April with Air India and a stopover in New Delhi. Do I need a visa for the stopover in Delhi if I don’t leave the airport and will my luggage be passed through or do I have to check it in again? Air India customer service can’t give me any information for whatever reason…

    1. Check the arrival and departure terminal. If the terminals are the same, maybe u dont need a visa. Usually new delhi airport, terminal 1 and terminal 3 are the operational ones.

    2. In transit with Air India in Delhi I didn’t need a VISA and my bag went through. Hope this helps! Watch the first video of the Nepal series I think I show a bit the flight.

  2. Stunning photos Pierre and wow such beautiful place and people 😍👏

  3. Hi Pierre, you have a great approach in asking for people to take there picture. You kept it simple and you did not put on an act. I like the way you interact with people and have a good reppor. It reminds me of on old video you did when you photographed a man in his Truck and then you went back and gave him that photo. Great memories you made in Nepal, now go ger some rest and we will look forward to your next video. Thanks Pierre 😊

    1. Thank you! Ahh yes I remember the two guys in the truck in Mexico 🙂 I was so bumped not to have my printer this time!

  4. What’s the best laptop you recommend for downloading pictures and editing them?

  5. Man, the grading is just so sick, thought I was watching a movie for a while hahah!

  6. Voilà pourquoi on voyage. Fantastique en échange Katmandou est vraiment une destination de rêve merci pour ça.

  7. You’re doing an amazing job.

    You’ve inspired me to hit the town with my camera again and make some photos:)

  8. Really love your attitude and approach to photography! You’re always inspiring.❤

    1. Yes hard to argue honestly. I thought I’d miss the 50 1.2 but with the 35mm 1.4 in crop mode I can get close 🙂

  9. The old lady was speaking Tibetan, I think she said “I never visited America , but I have a photo taken by an American, now if people ask I will say I am from America”.
    For elder Tibetans who are not familiar with world geography, they usually only know Tibet, Mongolia, China, India, Nepal, and America.

  10. I love the photos and the series. That one lady with the candles and the dog seemed like the sweetest old lady you will ever see!

  11. Really cool seeing how different people handle these situations. Because you have this outgoing yet approachable and affable personality, you can load up on the biggest and best gear. People aren’t intimidated by any of it because your personality puts them at ease – and the world becomes your portrait studio. The result is these gorgeous shots that perfectly capture true personalities.

    I’m on the other end of the spectrum. Snaking through the scene, zone focusing with a tiny Leica and a single prime, sniping shots without disrupting any of the goings-on. I get near zero shots like you have here but I capture the setting honestly as I experience it.

    What’s really cool about your approach is that it’s both. There is the honesty of the setting… But then your personality pulls a sort of “best version” of people forward. No 50mm from behind, no cell phone distracted people, no clever shafts of light borrowing passers-by for compositional intention. The shots are confrontational without any sort of negative connotation. They’re actively participating in the photo because it’s an extension of you and your presence.

    Super impressive, as always 💪

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