Using AI In Your Retouching Workflow

Are you still manually retouching your photos? We wager you likewise still shoot with DSLR's. Just joking (or are we?). Reality is, you can save a lots of time by integrating AI into your editing workflow with essentially the exact same or dare we say … even better results!

Look, it's not 2015 anymore and your time is your essential possession. Why do everything the tough way amiright? In this video, Pye shows you how you can utilize the power of AI to transform your retouching workflow with simply one click!

Video Timestamps:
Introduction: 0:00 – 1:57
Portrait Volumes: 1:58 – 4:14
Heal + Dodge & Burn: 4:15 – 6:30
Tidy Backdrop: 6:31 – 10:39
Creating Actions: 10:40 – 13:58
Color Match: 13:59 – 17:18
Outro: 17:19 – 18:36

Retouch 4 Me:
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Using AI In Your Retouching Workflow

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  1. You can still tell the retouching ai is bad. (Regarding skin) It’ll need more improvements.

    1. Still, saves a lot of time. I had to retouch 34 full body portrait on dirty background and wrinkly clothes.
      I made an action that includes some of these filters and left it for a night.
      Man, it saved me around 85% of time. So even though it’s “bad”, it already allows to make same amount of money in much shorter time.

    2. @Amazombe so you like giving out bad work. That’s on you. I’m saying these aren’t ready for commercial use. Like fs or skin smoothing it is basically lying to yourself and your customers. Plus I wasn’t talking about backgrounds or clothes I was talking about the skin function.

  2. Thanks for the video! Is there a reason you are not using the retouching panel that they provide with the plugins?

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