We Created the BEST AI Photo Editor for Wedding and Portrait Photographers

What if we informed you that you can cut the time it takes your wedding by 95% using AI software application? You heard that right. In this video, Pye introduces Difficult Things, an AI based modifying software application. Now, with just a few simple actions, you can have your ENTIRE wedding edited in a fraction of the time. The best part? It works natively within lightroom classic and integrates with YOUR presets. Let's inspect it out.

Video Timestamps:
Introduction: 0:00 – 0:45
Step # 1: 0:46 – 1:08
Action # 2: 1:09 – 7:35
Step # 3: 7:36 – 9:24
Outro: 9:25 – 10:34

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We Created the BEST AI Photo Editor for Wedding and Portrait Photographers

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    1. Haha, much thx Lt. We’ve worked hard on this to make all of our lives better.

  1. I really appreciate your work and videos. But this one doesn’t seem clear enough for me. So many big words AI, learning, training, what does the “AI” actually do ? Applying auto settings on your own presets? And the pricing plans with credits…. Does the AI get tired with more photos? Or why does it encourage us to use it less. I will definitely try it out, but right now I’m not convinced.

    1. I’ll try to do future videos where we explain it more. But essentially you choose your preset/look (you can use your own, or presets you’ve purchased). From there, the AI will adjust all the WB/Exposure, Basic + HSL settings to create a consistent edit across the board. Plus, it will apply straightening, basic retouch, etc. Let me know if you have specific questions tho. It’s really aimed at portrait/wedding photographers who are editing a lot of images.

    2. ​@SLR Lounge | Photography TutorialsThis is absolutely perfect. Now you can just find an editor who has this setup and just pay him for an hour’s worth of work and you can keep shooting and make even more money.

    3. ​​@SLR Lounge | Photography TutorialsThis is absolutely a game changer for professional wedding photographer editors with this software they can now edit many times more weddings per day which means their income will go up significantly. And the photographers themselves don’t have to do any editing if they don’t want to and only have to pay for an hour’s worth of photo editing time.

  2. I would appreciate seeing more on the cropping and straightening AI. That is currently my biggest time consumer.

    1. I’ll do another video. But meantime, you can give it a shot yourself. You get 500 free edit credits. The cropping/straightening is designed to make lives easier, while also keeping the original intent of the composition.

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