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Why I Don't use my

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  1. The 85mm 1.4 is all I ever shoot with tbh, I would like a wider lense, but it’s just soooo nice for everything (except macro). Have you ever thought about doing a video of using 35mm film scanner? Idk if you enjoy film or not but it would be really neat seeing you process the stuff yourself.

  2. I haven’t taken a picture in months. It has been hard to find the time and energy to go out. Since your last video, I took your advice and had a few of my favorite photos printed; and they came in yesterday. I appreciate your advice, as it gave me a new inspiration to do something with my art.

    1. Omg that’s amazing! Thank you so much for sharing – it warms my heart 🙂

  3. High MP are totally unnecessary for street shooting. It’s much more important for wildlife (cropping) and landscape (uncropped detail). Even that has limits in terms of improving visible image quality. 45 is plenty. 61 is marginally better, but anything over 50 MP in a FF camera is about bragging rights rather than IQ.

    1. Why wouldn’t the details in animals be important? You use huge lenses not crop.

    2. Reminds me when people were arguing that 3MP is good enough. Then it was 8MP more then enough for prints. Soon people will say 50MP is more than enough and there is no need for 300MP

    3. @Cristian Baluta Obviously, detail retention is important. That’s the whole point. You can only get so close to many animals, especially to birds. And with some wildlife you wouldn’t want to get too close.

      I have a 100-500mm zoom and I get as close as I can. Unless the subject is extremely close, I’ll still have to crop some. And that’s where I need more MP, so I lose MINIMAL detail if I have to crop.

    4. 18mp here 🗿i always be a joke when i bought 18mp canon to the community, because they all have a7,a6400😂

  4. Megapixels only matter if you are working with a big design or fashion brand, it matter in order to improve your sellings with marketing. However the client might prefer a 100mp archive to have more information and the chance to crop or make huge prints, but in full frame more pixels doesn’t mean more quality.

    The difference comes when you jump from full frame to medium format (I dream with buying a Hasselblad camera, but to be fair I couldn’t use it well because I just take photos as a hobby and I am not a mega rich person… yet lol)

    1. Oh, and if you use a 70-200 lens and dont wanna spend more money to get a 300mm you can use your sensor in DX crop mode (in Nikon, instead using it in FX as full frame). In this case having more megapixels could help

  5. You can absolutely print a 12mp image in most common household print sizes. I don’t know too many people that have very large prints beyond 18″ x 24″ which a 12mp can handle easily. I shoot on both the a1 and a7Siii and yes my photo camera is obviously the a1 but the biggest advantage in mp comes from the crop in wildlife shooting or reframing to tweek an image. People tend to forget you can’t pinch zoom in and pixel peep on a printed image hahaha That being said, I shoot all my professional shots with the a1 simply because every detail matters when you are promoting your business!

  6. if we look at analog photography, films are not more than 2mp so to me we don’t need to go further

  7. If I don’t do heavy cropping I can’t tell difference between Canon R6 and Sony A7R iv. I actually preferred the Canon photos and thus sold the A7R iv. The RAW file sizes were insane!!!!

  8. You have some good points, but as someone who is stuck with a 9.1 MP Sony dsc-hx1, I can clearly say there is a limit. It got some great zoom, so there is no need to crop the photo afterwards because I got everything in the frame I wanted. Still, all photos I make are too pixilated to be used as a notebook wallpaper. If that wouldn’t be enough some photos get too pixilated to be even called pretty. I don’t know how photos look like with 12MP, but my next camera definitely will have some higher resolution.

    1. The sweet spot is 24, even 16 doesn’t look so great, every phone has 12 so i guess you know how it looks

  9. I’ve actually been using my fx3 more often than my canon r5. It does everything I need it to

  10. High megapixel is for cropping and reframing, though for most cases 24mp is quite enough, but for camera, resolution does make sense than a smart phone with 100mp and tiny sensor

    1. High mp it is definitely not invented for cropping, that’s a dangerous mindset to go out shooting and always thinking that you are ok shooting randomly because you can crop.

  11. Most cases resolution is enough around 24mp, though if u want to capture city scape and even preserve detains of people in skyscrapers, using it as a historical documentation and serious landscape, medium format+100mp is still the only option, though this is niche use case

  12. Wait what, people rely on the crop, that’s why they shoot high Mp? I never ever think like that but i do crop if necessary. I like the high Mp because the image looks much better after resize comparing to a lower Mp. The max i have is 24 though. My Olympus 16Mp doesn’t look that nice in comparison, the iPhone i don’t even want to mention, there are too many wrong things with it.

  13. Quick question. If I had a 19×13 in. sized image when I exported, can that image still get enlarged for print at whatever printing service you pick? I’m not sure if I worded that right 😂. Thanks in advance

  14. I had an rp months back fell out of photography and got back in with a canon r7 people don’t like crop sensors but I seem to get the exact shots I need . Maybe later down the road I’ll buy a second body that’s full frame

  15. I’m on a A7SIII and I saved my A7III thinking I would use it for photography, for the 24 megapixel compared to the 12, but I haven’t used it. I love the EVF on the A7SIII too much. I might as well sell the A7III and invest in an 85mm GM II whenever it’s released! 😅

  16. Ever since I started photography a couple of months ago (still have my normal desk boring job) I ve been watching you and I really admire your essence, good vibes and happiness. As for photography skills wow, just I wish I could be you. I love your videos, I love your companions as well. Great job, thanks for sharing something nice to watch everyday.

  17. I had a 10mp Sony A200 and my print vendor wouldn’t let me use the photos for prints because the resolution/files were too low. I used the same crop-sensor lens on a Sony a7R III (with a crop sensor, I’m only at 17mp), it was good enough for the printer. At only 17mp, I can print up to about 75″.

  18. YES it really does matter. for the everyday shooter no it doesn’t. But Of you’re a professional trying to capture stuff for billboards etc it MATTERS. Also great for cropping

  19. 1:06 Definition is the amount of pixel that you have in x and y dimension (e.g. 1920*1080) whereas the resolution is the amount of pixel per surface unit (e.g. 400 Pixels Per Inch [PPI]).
    Tho in your example it deosn’t matter much because the sensors have the same size so increased definition also means increased resolution.

  20. I also found myself shooting a lot of stills with the A7SIII and I think it’s a great still camera too. It’s a little slow in burst mode but as you telled, it’s great to focus on what you really whant to have in frame. I also wouldn’t mind having 24Mpx like I previously had with my A6300 but that’s not a big deal and I see no reason for having more.

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