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Will This BOOST Your ?

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  1. You are becoming one of my favorite creators! Bring back street challenges!!!

  2. I live in Belize so all year it kind of looks like summer, your videos are so cool!!

  3. Shooting on film has made me far more considerate when it comes to framing and composition. I wish I had picked up an analogue before I had my DSLR

  4. Love summer. During winter I hate the cold and go outside way less. Great tips. I love printing my photos. Also I’ve been really itching to get a 35mm film camera to shoot with alongside my digital. Something about the nostalgia of film gets me wanting to shoot with it.

  5. They both have their benefits. I will say, Autumn/Winter both make for more unique images though.

  6. Great tips Pierre! I printed a few photographs a few months ago and 100% agree. You appreciate your work so much more by just holding it rather than on a screen!

  7. Winter/Spring has been better for me over Summer/Autumn at least for this year. Definitely have a lot more images taken earlier this year compared to now. My favorite filter for Autumn is the warm black pro mist filter and for winter the CineBloom filters.

  8. I get out and shoot wherever I can no matter the season, but summertime does make it a bit easier since there’s more light for longer.

    I actually have used White Wall! Great company, my dentist was looking for some photos for his office and he decided to purchase one of mine, he requested it in acrylic as a tryptic style, White Wall was the only company that was able to match his specifications for print, style and size.

  9. I love fall/winter in NYC. Snowy cityscape shots, the bright colored coats and outfits, and less crowded streets during the “bad” weather.

  10. I’m not a winter person, numb shutter finger is not my thing. That being said I do try to get out once in a while.

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